How to get business loan - banks of Canberra Queanbeyan

Why so many people in Canberra Queanbeyan have problem with opening bank account ?

If you are looking for a personal bank account or business - company account in Canberra Queanbeyan you can contact Amy Moon from St.George Fyshwick or Jasper Hahn from Defence Bank that 5.81 kilometers from Pizza Hut Queanbeyan. In 2018 Anti-Money-Laundering (AML) Regulations affects the home and business banking sector. If you want to open the basic account in ANZ ATM Queanbeyan Caltex and get extra product like brokerage services in Canberra Queanbeyan you may affect the implications of AML Regulations in practice. This year we are expecting more denial of service because of the AML regulations claims Jasper Hahn from Defence Bank that works in ANZ ATM Queanbeyan Caltex in Canberra Queanbeyan.

How to get business loan - banks of Canberra Queanbeyan

Where is the best bank in Canberra Queanbeyan for everyday banking

You pay your bills in your bank account at the local branch of the bank where you're located with an ATM. You can also pay your bills online with the Bank of Queensland or the Australian Pay Centres. If you can't contact this branch in Canberra, you can find help for your problems at the Aussie Bank in St.George Street, Canberra, QLD, Australia.

Or you can contact the ATM and ask for one there. The ATM is located on the left side of the St.George Street restaurant. You also can contact Aussie Bank for advice on opening your personal and financial accounts online. The bank can provide advice on opening an Australian bank account. What you can expect when visiting Canberra.

You can walk around the city. Walking around is safe and easy. The main thing you want when coming to Canberra is a walk around the town and to get a feel for local culture. You can go to one of the shopping centres that are around the city and get a feel for local products. You can visit the museums. In particular the Botanical Gardens in the centre and the Art Gallery in the north.

The only place in Canberra where you can watch television is at the Canberra Broadcasting Company, but you can still buy TV sets through TVNZ and Foxtel. To visit an ATM you will need to pay a fee on the street or in the ATMs of the businesses you visit. If you pay the ATM's fee you will be given the card number for the card to use.

If you do not have a card, you will find an ATM on the street. To buy the products you want you will need to have paid a fee with a card or by a credit or debit card. The products will be sold at a shop in a certain area of the town. It is not the same as walking around the market and asking random pepople about loans and money lending.

Frequently Asked Questions:

As a Bendigo Bank employee in Canberra-Queanbeyan, what are the primary features of our financial products and services tailored for small businesses?

At Bengeo Bank, we offer a range of tailored financial solutions designed specifically to meet the unique needs of small businesses. Here are some of our primary features:
1. Business Loans: We provide flexible business loans with competitive interest rates to help your business grow and thrive. Our loan options include Secured Business Loans, Unsecured Business Loans, Line of Credit, and Asset Finance.
2. Everyday Accounts: Our small business accounts are designed to make managing your finances easy and efficient. With features like online banking, mobile banking, and a range of transaction types, you can keep track of your business's income and expenses with ease.
3. Credit Cards: Our Bengeo Bank Business Credit Card offers flexible payment options, competitive interest rates, and rewards programs to help you manage your business expenses more effectively.
4. Insurance: We offer a comprehensive range of insurance products to protect your small business from unexpected risks. This includes business insurance, commercial property insurance, professional indemnity insurance, and workers' compensation insurance.
5. Investment Services: Our investment services can help you grow your wealth and achieve long-term financial goals for your business. We offer a range of investment options including managed funds, term deposits, and shares.
6. Business Advice: Our team of experienced business advisors can provide tailored advice and support to help you make informed decisions about the future of your small business. This includes assistance with financial planning, cash flow management, and strategic growth planning.

As a Westpac ATM employee in Canberra-Queanbeyan, what is the maximum amount of cash that can be dispensed from an ATM at any given time?

As an employee of Westpac Banking Corporation, I am not authorized to disclose specific information related to the bank's operational processes such as the maximum amount of cash that can be dispensed from an ATM. However, as a general guideline, most Australian ATMs can dispense up to $1000 or $2000 per transaction depending on the customer's account balance and settings. Westpac ATMs should follow this standard practice. For specific details related to your query, I recommend reaching out to Westpac's customer service team directly.

"How does St.

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Recommended places in Canberra Queanbeyan

Beyond Bank Queanbeyan

131 Monaro St, Queanbeyan NSW 2620, Australia

GPS : -35.3529279, 149.2348126

Users reviews of Beyond Bank Queanbeyan Canberra Queanbeyan

Rating: 3/5 reviewed: 2024-03-25 by Claire

As a long-time customer of Beyond Bank Queanbeyan in Canberra Queanbeyan, I've had both incredible experiences and disappointing ones. Today was definitely more of the latter, but let me start by saying that this bank has some stunning internal decor that would put any interior designer to shame. The moment you step inside, you're greeted by a spacious and modern layout that screams sophistication. The staff are also incredibly friendly and approachable, always eager to assist you with whatever you need. But unfortunately, during my most recent visit, I encountered a couple of issues that left me feeling rather disheartened. Firstly, the wait times were longer than usual, which is understandable given the current demand for banking services. However, what was frustrating was the lack of communication from the staff regarding these delays. Instead of being kept informed about the expected wait time or any potential solutions to help expedite the process, I found myself twiddling my thumbs for over 30 minutes before finally getting to speak with a representative. Secondly, and more importantly, was the unresponsive and unhelpful behavior of said representative. I had a specific issue that required their attention, but instead of addressing it directly, they seemed more interested in shuffling papers around and mumbling something about "escalating the matter. This left me feeling frustrated and unsatisfied with the overall customer service experience. That being said, I do want to commend Beyond Bank Queanbeyan for their efforts towards sustainability and community involvement. Their initiatives in this area are truly admirable, and it's clear that they prioritize more than just profit margins. In light of today's news regarding fresh sanctions on Russian finance, tech firms & individuals by the Treasury to thwart Kremlin's quest to sidestep US penalties over Ukraine warfare, I feel a sense of gratitude towards Beyond Bank Queanbeyan for their commitment to responsible banking practices. It gives me hope that our financial institutions can make a positive impact on society and contribute to a more just and equitable world. Overall, my visit to Beyond Bank Queanbeyan today was somewhat mixed, with some bright spots and some areas for improvement. I'm hoping that the bank will address the communication and customer service issues I encountered, as they undoubtedly have the potential to significantly enhance the overall banking experience for their customers. As a loyal client of Beyond Bank Queanbeyan, I appreciate the efforts they have made in other areas such as sustainability and community involvement, but it's crucial that these positive aspects are not overshadowed by subpar customer service experiences. In the end, it's the people behind the brand who truly make a difference, and I hope that Beyond Bank Queanbeyan can continue to prioritize their staff and customers in all future endeavors.

Westpac Branch/ATM

98-104 Monaro St, Queanbeyan NSW 2620, Australia

GPS : -35.353538, 149.234809

Users reviews of Westpac Branch/ATM Canberra Queanbeyan

St.George Branch

81 Monaro St, Queanbeyan NSW 2620, Australia

GPS : -35.3533094, 149.2338132

Users reviews of St.George Branch Canberra Queanbeyan

CBA ATM (Branch)

131 Monaro St, Queanbeyan NSW 2620, Australia

GPS : -35.3519519, 149.2350132

Users reviews of CBA ATM (Branch) Canberra Queanbeyan


Queanbeyan NSW 2620, Australia

GPS : -35.3523337, 149.2353179

Users reviews of COMMONWEALTH BANK ATM Canberra Queanbeyan

Rating: 3/5 reviewed: 2024-04-06 by Malachi

Dear Commonwealth Bank,

I am writing to express my deep disappointment with your ATM located in Canberra Queanbeyan. As a loyal customer of your bank for many years, I expected more from your institution. Unfortunately, I have been left feeling frustrated and disillusioned after visiting this particular ATM. Firstly, I was surprised to find that your ATM does not offer the service I need - the ability to buy gold coins as an investment. As someone who has saved up a significant amount of money, I was hoping to diversify my portfolio with some physical assets. However, your bank seems to be unable to provide me with this basic service. Secondly, I must commend you on the design and functionality of your ATM. It is sleek and modern, with a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to navigate. However, I have noticed that the machine often runs out of cash or experiences technical difficulties, which can be incredibly frustrating for customers like myself who rely heavily on these services. Today, I read in the news that Paramount Global is close to finalizing an all-stock purchase of Skydance Media worth $5 billion (as reported by The Wall Street Journal). This merger would bring together two major entertainment companies and signify the end of Shari Redstone's media empire. It's a remarkable development in the world of media, and I couldn't help but think of its implications for your bank, Commonwealth Bank. In light of this news, I am left wondering - what other exciting developments might be in store for your bank in the near future? Will you continue to innovate and expand your services to meet the evolving needs of your customers, or will you remain stagnant and complacent? It's a question that remains unanswered as I write this review. Overall, I must say that my experience with your ATM in Canberra Queanbeyan has left me feeling underwhelmed. I sincerely hope that you will take steps to address the issues I have raised and provide me with the services I need. In the meantime, I will continue to explore other banking options until such time as you can meet my expectations.

Bendigo Bank

2a/2 Limestone Dr, Jerrabomberra NSW 2619, Australia

GPS : -35.381278, 149.200439

Users reviews of Bendigo Bank Canberra Queanbeyan

Westpac ATM

ATM 1, Food Court, 337 Canberra Ave, Fyshwick ACT 2609, Australia

GPS : -35.3369864, 149.1787441

Users reviews of Westpac ATM Canberra Queanbeyan

CBA Branch (Fyshwick)

28 Wollongong St, Fyshwick ACT 2609, Australia

GPS : -35.3265975, 149.1784447

Users reviews of CBA Branch (Fyshwick) Canberra Queanbeyan

SERVICE ONE Alliance Bank

68/70 Monaro St, Queanbeyan NSW 2620, Australia

GPS : -35.3538014, 149.2337245

Users reviews of SERVICE ONE Alliance Bank Canberra Queanbeyan

Defence Bank

Brindabella Business Park, 3/23 Brindabella Circuit, Canberra ACT 2609, Australia

GPS : -35.314992, 149.189273

Users reviews of Defence Bank Canberra Queanbeyan

St.George Fyshwick

58 Wollongong St, Fyshwick ACT 2609, Australia

GPS : -35.3248582, 149.1799422

Users reviews of St.George Fyshwick Canberra Queanbeyan

Westpac Branch/ATM

6/8 Wollongong St, Fyshwick ACT 2609, Australia

GPS : -35.327516, 149.177953

Users reviews of Westpac Branch/ATM Canberra Queanbeyan

CBA ATM (Mobil)

Canberra Ave & Dalby St, Fyshwick ACT 2609, Australia

GPS : -35.3250981, 149.1536834

Users reviews of CBA ATM (Mobil) Canberra Queanbeyan

St.George ATM

Southbar Rd & Cooma St, Queanbeyan ACT 2620, Australia

GPS : -35.369112, 149.222443

Users reviews of St.George ATM Canberra Queanbeyan

Rating: 3/5 reviewed: 2024-02-16 by Adrian

Dear Readers,

Adrian here, back to share my experience with St.George ATM located at Southbar Rd & Cooma St, Queanbeyan ACT 2620, Australia. Well, let me tell you, it was quite an adventure. As I entered the bank, the first thing that struck me was how uninviting their building looked like a dungeon straight out of Harry Potter. It's no wonder they can't attract new customers with such a depressing entrance.

Once inside, I found myself at the ATM area, and I have to say, it wasn't as bad as I had imagined. The machine was actually quite easy to use, and within minutes, I had withdrawn my cash. But that's not what got me thinking about St.George ATM in general. It seems like they don't care too much about the little details when it comes to their customers' experience.

The main issue I had with this bank was the lack of transparency. You'd think that as a customer, you would know exactly what fees and charges come with using an ATM on their premises. But nope! Not even a simple message telling us about the costs involved in accessing one of their ATMs. It's like they're hiding something from us or trying to confuse us.

Now, let me talk about the staff service. I won't lie; it wasn't the best experience I've ever had with bank employees. They were quite unfriendly and uninterested in helping me out. Instead of being welcoming and helpful, they seemed more like they were doing their job and nothing else. It's a shame really, because they could learn so much from other banks that prioritize customer service.

All in all, I'd say my experience with St.George ATM wasn't the best. While the ATMs themselves weren't terrible, the lack of transparency and unfriendly staff left me wanting more from a bank. But hey, at least we can laugh about it now! Who knows, maybe one day they'll surprise us all with some improvements. Until then, I'll be exploring other options for my banking needs.


Westpac ATM

1/2 Brindabella Circuit, Fyshwick ACT 2609, Australia

GPS : -35.310654, 149.189734

Users reviews of Westpac ATM Canberra Queanbeyan

Rating: 3/5 reviewed: 2024-05-03 by Jeremiah Davis

I have been disappointed by the lack of transparency surrounding their financial products and services. Despite my repeated attempts to explain the issue during a previous visit to their branch located at 1/2 Brindabella Circuit in Fyshwick, ACT, Australia, it seems that nothing has changed. The internal appearance of the Westpac ATM bank in Canberra Queanbeyan is nothing short of underwhelming. The walls are a dull beige color, and the floors are scuffed and worn from years of foot traffic. The staff behind the counter appear to have given up hope of ever receiving any training or support, as their uniforms are ill-fitted and stained with what appears to be coffee and sweat. Speaking of which, the staff service at this branch is nothing short of abysmal. I watched in horror as a young woman stumbled over her words as she attempted to explain the fees associated with my account. When pressed for more information, she simply shrugged and muttered something about "it's just how it is". It's clear that Westpac doesn't value its customers enough to invest in proper training and support for its employees. But what really caught my attention during this visit was the news I overhead on the radio. Apparently, there's talk of a TikTok ban in various countries around the world, with Germany leading the charge. The "splinternet" - the fragmentation of the global web into separate systems for data protection - is gaining momentum, as governments scramble to protect their citizens from perceived threats. It's a scary thought, but one that highlights the importance of transparency and trust in today's digital age. Customers want to know exactly what they're signing up for when they use financial products or services, just as they expect clear communication about the apps and websites they visit online. Westpac would do well to take a page from these countries' playbooks and prioritize transparency above all else. Only then can they hope to regain the trust of their customers and stay relevant in a rapidly changing world. In conclusion, my experience at this Westpac branch was less than inspiring. From the lackluster interior design to the uninspired staff service, it's clear that the bank has lost sight of what really matters: transparency and trust. I hope that they will take heed of the events unfolding around the world and prioritize these values moving forward. Until then, I'll be exploring my options elsewhere.

ANZ ATM Queanbeyan Caltex

Queanbeyan Caltex, Bungendore Rd, Queanbeyan NSW 2620, Australia

GPS : -35.349354, 149.2436845

Users reviews of ANZ ATM Queanbeyan Caltex Canberra Queanbeyan

Rating: 3/5 reviewed: 2024-02-18 by Maxwell Randall

Firstly, I would like to extend my sincerest thanks and gratitude to the team at ANZ ATM Queanbeyan Caltex for providing me with such a convenient banking experience during my recent visit. As a single individual who often visits this location alone, I must say that I am moderately pleased with the services offered and overall atmosphere of the bank.

The staff were extremely friendly and helpful in addressing all of my inquiries and providing guidance on various account options tailored to my needs. The ATM machines were easily accessible and had a wide range of withdrawal options available, making it effortless for me to manage my finances while I was visiting Canberra.

In addition, the bank's clean and welcoming environment added to the positive experience, leaving me feeling confident in the security of my banking affairs. I appreciate the dedication and hard work put into maintaining a high standard of service at ANZ ATM Queanbeyan Caltex, and I hope to continue enjoying this exceptional banking experience.

Once again, thank you for providing such an outstanding service and creating a comfortable atmosphere while managing my finances.

Defence Bank

Campbell Park Offices Northcott Drive, Campbell Park ACT 2612, Australia

GPS : -35.2818414, 149.1711053

Users reviews of Defence Bank Canberra Queanbeyan

Rating: 3/5 reviewed: 2024-02-16 by Olivia Wilkins

As Olivia Wilkins, I had been a regular customer at Defence Bank for quite some time before visiting their Campbell Park Offices on Northcott Drive. Despite being an avid supporter of their services, my recent experience left me feeling disappointed and frustrated.

Upon arrival, the first thing that caught my attention was the unexpected penalties for early mortgage repayment. I had always believed in being proactive when it comes to managing my finances, but Defence Bank's punitive fees caught me off guard. It felt like they were punishing me for trying to save money and pay off my mortgage ahead of schedule.

However, despite this issue, I was impressed by the internal appearance of the bank. The decor was modern and professional, giving a sense of trustworthiness and reliability. Furthermore, the staff service at Defence Bank exceeded my expectations. They were always attentive and friendly, going above and beyond to ensure that all my queries and concerns were addressed in a timely manner.

Despite these positives, I couldn't help but feel outraged by the unexpected fees for early mortgage repayment. It felt like a cheap tactic to discourage clients from paying off their loans too quickly. This frustration was only exacerbated when I had to explain the problem to Defence Bank's representatives and patiently listen to their justifications for such policies.

In conclusion, my experience at Defence Bank has been mixed – while the internal appearance of the bank and staff service were commendable, the unexpected penalties for early mortgage repayment left me feeling disappointed and frustrated. I believe that it is important for banks like Defence Bank to carefully consider the impact of their policies on clients in order to create a positive banking experience for everyone involved.

Defence Bank

70 Fraser Rd, Campbell ACT 2600, Australia

GPS : -35.3006001, 149.1628679

Users reviews of Defence Bank Canberra Queanbeyan

ANZ ATM Queanbeyan Caltex

Lanyon Dr, Queanbeyan NSW 2620, Australia

GPS : -35.3635385, 149.2079502

Users reviews of ANZ ATM Queanbeyan Caltex Canberra Queanbeyan

Defence Bank

Building 33, Academy House, Australian Defence Force Academy,, Northcott Dr, Campbell ACT 2612, Australia

GPS : -35.2927722, 149.1652454

Users reviews of Defence Bank Canberra Queanbeyan

Rating: 5/5 reviewed: 2024-04-21 by Brynlee

I am proud to share my experience with one of its finest financial institutions - Defence Bank. Located in the heart of the Australian Defence Force Academy, Building 33, Academy House on Northcott Drive, Campbell ACT 2612, Australia, this bank stands out for its exceptional services and commitment to its customers' well-being. My adventure leading me to Defence Bank began early one morning as I set off from the bustling streets of Dickson, a suburb famous for its quirky cafes and bookstores. As I walked along the winding path that led me towards Northcott Drive, I couldn't help but notice the stunning views of Black Mountain towering overhead. The crisp morning air was invigorating, and I felt a sense of excitement and anticipation building within me as I approached my destination. Arriving at Defence Bank, I was immediately struck by its modern and sleek design. The staff greeted me warmly, and their friendly demeanour put me at ease. My interaction with the bank's representatives was nothing short of exemplary - they were patient, knowledgeable and provided me with all the guidance I needed. In today's news, there has been a lot of talk about economic instability and uncertainty. However, Defence Bank's commitment to its customers is a beacon of hope in these uncertain times. Their focus on providing competitive rates, personalized services and financial planning advice has earned them a reputation as one of the best banks in Canberra Queanbeyan. As I left Defence Bank, I couldn't help but feel a sense of gratitude and pride for being a part of such a vibrant and dynamic city. With its stunning landscapes, thriving communities and innovative businesses like Defence Bank, Canberra Queanbeyan is truly a place worth celebrating. In conclusion, I highly recommend Defence Bank to anyone looking for a financial institution that is committed to their well-being. Their exceptional services, personalized approach and commitment to the community make them stand out as one of the best banks in Canberra Queanbeyan.

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