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    Company KYC - Due Diligence

    In order to be able to search for financial statements of a company on the portal, we are looking for the company's stock price to be reported on the portal. The company has to report the total value of its stock with a capitalisation of $50,000 and the amount it has in stock, as well as the value reported by the market and all its other business units.


    Insurance is a part of the market in which a company is required to provide coverage for some of a company's expenses in case of the death, disability, death due to heart or head injury, sickness, sickness caused by pregnancy, accident, accident resulting in loss, and so on. The costs that have to be covered in this regard include the coverage under a pension plan, and insurance premiums.

    Insurance premiums are based on the total cost of a claim, with an additional percentage that is added to the insured amount. In addition, the total cost of life and death can be paid before the insurance costs can be deducted.

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    We are also interested in alternative investments like gold and cryptocurrency and on our website you can also find some tips how to buy phisical gold or silver as well as cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, eth and more.

    Why 2022 is a good time for gold and silver investing?

    Precious metals such us silver are very good assets to store the purchasing value of the property. Currency systems collapse every few decades. Only precious metals retain their value in the face of rising inflation and negative interest rates. When investing in metal, you have to remember that the purchase of physical metal is a long-term investment.

    This is because precious metals have a low production rate and thus, they are not susceptible to the short-term fluctuations in the markets. They are also a good hedge against inflation. It is a good investment to store your wealth as precious metals.

    The reason for this is that they are very durable and they are easy to store. They are also one of the best investments for the long-term because they are not tied to the value of the currency.

    Silver or gold?

    Both gold and silver are valuable and scarce resources that have been used as forms of money and investment for thousands of years. Gold is typically more valuable and rare than silver, and its price is generally more stable. Gold is also more resistant to corrosion and tarnishing than silver, which makes it a popular choice for jewelry and other decorative items.

    However, silver is more abundant and less expensive than gold, which makes it more affordable for many people. Silver is also used in a wide range of industrial applications, such as electronics and medicine, which can affect its price and demand. Ultimately, the choice between gold and silver depends on your personal preferences and investment goals.

    It is important to carefully research and evaluate both options before making a decision.

    There are different ways of investing in gold and silver. You can invest in gold and silver coins and bullion. Another is to invest in futures contracts.

    The first way is to invest in physical gold and silver. In this case, you can buy gold and silver coins or bullion bars. They can be made of gold and silver, and you can also buy silver-plated gold bars.

    The second way is to invest in the futures contracts. In this case, you are purchasing a future contract. This means that you are buying the right to a specific amount of gold and silver at a specific price.

    Features articles about gold and silver:

    Is there any risk in gold and silver investing?

    Investing in gold or silver can have some disadvantages as well.

    First you need to know that there are some risks while investing in precious metals. You can lose your investment if the price of gold drops. That is why you should consider a long term investment and not something that you plan to sell in short period of time becuase prices can vary.

    If you are looking for a safe investment to make in the long run, precious metals such as gold and silver are not the best choice.

    Cryptocurrency - digital gold?

    Many people have heard of cryptocurrencies at least once, but basically the topic is very technical and quite complicated.

    Central banks started working on their own digital currencies (CDBC) a few years ago, so this topic did not escape their attention.

    On our website, we will discuss this topic to a small extent, but it is impossible to ignore this alternative form of property storage.

    Here is some pages that reffers to cryptocurrecy topic:

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