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  • How to pay less for your loan
  • What is AML
  • What is KYC
  • What kind of mortgages are
  • How interest rate are calculated
  • How to read , understand and compare banks offers
  • How to invest your money with success
  • If you are interested in getting a mortgage or compare credit card offers from different banks - this site if just perfect for you.

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    Company KYC - Due Diligence

    In order to be able to search for financial statements of a company on the portal, we are looking for the company's stock price to be reported on the portal. The company has to report the total value of its stock with a capitalisation of $50,000 and the amount it has in stock, as well as the value reported by the market and all its other business units.


    Insurance is a part of the market in which a company is required to provide coverage for some of a company's expenses in case of the death, disability, death due to heart or head injury, sickness, sickness caused by pregnancy, accident, accident resulting in loss, and so on. The costs that have to be covered in this regard include the coverage under a pension plan, and insurance premiums.

    Insurance premiums are based on the total cost of a claim, with an additional percentage that is added to the insured amount. In addition, the total cost of life and death can be paid before the insurance costs can be deducted.

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