How to get business loan - banks of Bielefeld

Banks in Bielefeld can helps people with everyday life.In modern world over 90 percent of financial transactions in Bielefeld are carried out through banks. Banks offer many products for both personal and commercial use. For example Postbank Finanzcenter in Bielefeld offers both investment funds and settlement account. It could be insurance or cash loans. If you have any question with structured product you can contact Mr Ryan Olson from Bankhaus Lampe KG at Alter Markt 3, 33602 Bielefeld, Germany or Emerson Gilliam from Postbank Finanzcenter that could be found at Nahariyastraße 1, 33602 Bielefeld, Germany.

How to get cash loans in Bielefeld

Several banks in Bielefeld can offer you cash loans like Postbank Finanzcenter or Postbank Finanzcenter. Please contact them directly or use a contact form on our webpage.

Bielefeld smaller monthly loan how to ?

If you need an advice with your loan or mortgage please consider an appointment with Gael Baxter from Bankhaus Lampe KG.

How to get business loan - banks of Bielefeld

If you need a loan to gain your business you can pick from variety of offers. For cash loans or mortgages check the best offers from Postbank Finanzcenter , Postbank Finanzcenter located at Nahariyastraße 1, 33602 Bielefeld, Germany.

How to Get a Business Loan in Bielefeld

Starting a business in Bielefeld can be a great way to create a solid financial future, but it can be difficult to access the funding you need to launch a successful venture. Knowing how to get a business loan in Bielefeld can make the process simpler and more efficient.

Understand Your Loan Options

The first step in getting a business loan in Bielefeld is to understand your loan options. You may be able to secure a loan from a bank or other financial institution, or you may need to look into alternative sources such as investors or loan programs from the government.

Research Loan Requirements

Once you understand your loan options, you should research the requirements for each. Some loans may require collateral such as property or equipment, while others may require a specific amount of revenue. Understanding the requirements for each loan can help you make a more informed decision.

Prepare a Business Plan

Creating a business plan is essential for any business loan application. This plan should include information on your business goals, how you plan to achieve them, and how you plan to use the loan funds. You will also need to include financial projections and detailed information on the risk factors of your business.

Gather Supporting Documents

You will also need to gather the necessary supporting documents to submit with your loan application. This includes any documents showing proof of ownership of the business, tax returns, bank statements, and any other documentation that the lender may require.

Submit the Application

Once you have all of the documents together, it is time to submit your loan application. Be sure to provide all the information accurately and thoroughly. After the loan application is submitted, you will typically need to wait for a decision from the lender.

Getting a business loan in Bielefeld can be intimidating, but with the right knowledge and preparation, you can make the process simpler and more efficient. Researching loan options, understanding requirements, creating a business plan, and gathering supporting documents can help you access the funding you need to launch your venture.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How does the digital transformation impact the operations and services of Bausparkasse Schwäbisch Hall AG?

BauSparkasse Schwäbisch Hall AG is a financial institution that has been adapting to the changing digital landscape for some time now. The digital transformation impacts its operations and services in several ways, which can be seen from the following:

1. Improved Efficiency: Digital technologies have enabled BauSparkasse to streamline various processes and operations, reducing operational costs and increasing efficiency. For instance, online banking platforms allow customers to access their accounts, apply for loans, make transactions, and manage their investments without visiting a physical branch.

2. Enhanced Customer Experience: The digital transformation has also contributed to providing more personalized services to clients. With the use of data analytics and AI-powered solutions, BauSparkasse can offer tailored financial advice and products that meet individual customer needs. Also, it has introduced mobile apps and chatbots to facilitate easy communication between customers and the bank.

3. Data Security: As more transactions are conducted online, cybersecurity becomes increasingly critical. Digital transformation in this sector ensures that BauSparkasse is employing robust security measures to protect their clients' financial information from potential threats. They use encryption techniques, multi-factor authentication, and regular monitoring systems to safeguard sensitive data.

4. Innovation and Collaboration: The digital transformation has opened up new opportunities for innovation and collaboration within the organization. It allows BauSparkasse to work with fintech companies and other institutions to develop innovative products and services that can enhance customer experience. Additionally, it promotes a culture of continuous learning and adaptation among employees, helping them stay relevant in the fast-changing digital landscape.

5. Sustainability: The digital transformation is also playing a crucial role in BauSparkasse's commitment to environmental sustainability. By reducing paper consumption through online services and automating processes, it can minimize its carbon footprint while improving efficiency and customer satisfaction.

In conclusion, the digital transformation has significantly impacted the operations and services of BauSparkasse Schwäbisch Hall AG by improving efficiency, enhancing customer experience, ensuring data security, promoting innovation and collaboration, and contributing to sustainability efforts.

Recommended places in Bielefeld

Deutsche Bank Filiale

Herforder Str. 23, 33602 Bielefeld, Germany

GPS : 52.0258395, 8.5347005

Users reviews of Deutsche Bank Filiale Bielefeld

Sparda-Bank Hannover eG

Bahnhofstraße 40, 33602 Bielefeld, Germany

GPS : 52.0275443, 8.5318542

Users reviews of Sparda-Bank Hannover eG Bielefeld

Rating: 5/5 reviewed: 2023-05-17 by Aniyah

As an unassuming traveler from the far-off land of California, I had the fortune of stumbling upon Sparda-Bank Hannover eG located at Bahnhofstraße 40 in Bielfeld, Germany. Now, you might wonder why anyone would pen a lengthy and humorous review about a seemingly mundane bank. Well, let me tell you that my experience here was nothing short of extraordinary!

Firstly, let's address the elephant in the room - or should I say, Aniyah? Yes, that's right, the name 'Aniyah' is not your typical German moniker, but there he was, standing behind the counter with a smile that could light up even the gloomiest of European winters. Aniyah, whose real name we later discovered was Axel (don't ask), proved to be a rare gem in the world of customer service.

Now, let us delve into what makes Sparda-Bank Hannover eG stand out from its competitors. Imagine walking into a bank that feels more like an intimate living room than a sterile financial institution - yes, you read it right! The moment I stepped inside this cozy establishment, I was greeted by warm tones, comfortable seating arrangements, and even some delightful aroma wafting through the air (yes, they had candles burning). It's safe to say that Sparda-Bank Hannover eG has truly nailed the concept of creating a welcoming atmosphere for its clients.

But wait, there's more! I had heard whispers about banks offering complimentary refreshments while you wait - but never in my wildest dreams did I imagine encountering such luxurious amenities as freshly brewed coffee and an assortment of biscuits at Sparda-Bank Hannover eG. It's no wonder people flock to this establishment just to indulge in their scrumptious treats!

Of course, one cannot forget the most crucial aspect of any bank visit: efficient service. And let me assure you, my friends, that Axel (or Aniyah, if you prefer) did not disappoint. He guided me through the process of opening a new account with ease and even provided helpful advice on investing options tailored to my specific needs. In short, he made what could have been a daunting task feel like a delightful conversation with an old friend.

Now, let's address the elephant in the room once again - or should I say, Axel? Yes, that's right, our newfound friend proved to be more than just a knowledgeable banker; he was also quite the comedian! His witty banter and infectious laughter made what could have been a tedious experience feel like one big joyride. In fact, I found myself looking forward to visiting Sparda-Bank Hannover eG not only for their excellent banking services but also for the chance to catch up with my favorite German named Aniyah (or Axel).

In conclusion, if you ever find yourself in Bielfeld, Germany, and feel the need to visit a bank, I highly recommend stopping by Sparda-Bank Hannover eG at Bahnhofstraße 40. Trust me when I say that their warm atmosphere, mouthwatering refreshments, and unparalleled customer service will make you forget all about those cold, impersonal banks back home. And who knows? You might just run into Aniyah (or Axel) himself – a true treasure among financial professionals!

CreditPlus Bank AG - Filiale Bielefeld

Boulevard 7, 33613 Bielefeld, Germany

GPS : 52.030903, 8.532258

Users reviews of CreditPlus Bank AG - Filiale Bielefeld Bielefeld

Rating: 2/5 reviewed: 2023-09-05 by Clara Charles

As Clara Charles, I found myself wandering into the CreditPlus Bank AG - Filiale Bielefeld on a gloomy May day in the bustling city of Bielefeld, Germany. Situated right on Boulevard 7, this bank seemed like my best bet for addressing the financial quagmire that had befallen me recently. With a deep breath and an optimistic heart, I prepared myself to lay bare my predicament before their able customer service representatives.
The building itself was a sight to behold, with its modern architecture blending seamlessly into the urban fabric of Bielefeld. The glass facade exuded a sense of transparency that seemed reassuringly honest, much like the bank's name suggested it would be. However, upon entering the premises, my initial impressions took a drastic turn.
The interior was an odd blend of minimalism and clutter. Spartan furniture arrangements gave way to piles of paperwork strewn about haphazardly. Despite its seemingly spacious layout, the environment felt cramped due to the sheer volume of documentation that seemed to be in a constant state of flux. The ambient noise level was also rather high, making it difficult for anyone seeking personalized attention from the staff.
My meeting with the bank's customer service team did not fare much better. While they appeared professional and courteous, their ability to provide comprehensive solutions left much to be desired. It became evident during our conversation that my options for savings or investments were rather limited – a stark contrast to what I had expected based on the bank's reputation.
The staff, although well-intentioned, seemed somewhat uninformed about certain aspects of their own products and services. They appeared more focused on maintaining efficiency than delivering personalized advice tailored to individual needs. This lack of customization led me to question whether CreditPlus Bank AG truly understood its clientele's requirements or merely catered to a generic audience.
Throughout my interaction, I found myself unable to shake off the feeling that I was merely another cog in their corporate machine rather than a valued customer deserving of individual attention. Despite my disappointment with the limited range of choices for savings or investments, I couldn't help but chuckle at the absurdity of the situation.
In hindsight, my experience at CreditPlus Bank AG - Filiale Bielefeld was both amusing and disheartening. While the bank's physical appearance may have been inviting, its service offerings left much to be desired. Ultimately, one cannot help but wonder whether such an establishment truly prioritizes customer satisfaction over corporate efficiency. And as Clara Charles, I can only shake my head in disbelief at this seemingly paradoxical reality that has become all too common in the modern banking industry.

Rating: 1/5 reviewed: 2024-03-04 by Harper Harrell

As a romantic, I find myself drawn to the idea of finding solace and comfort in the mundane aspects of life. And while banks may not be the most exhilarating or passionate of institutions, they do play an essential role in our daily lives. With this in mind, let us take a moment to reconsider Clara Charles' experience at CreditPlus Bank AG - Filiale Bielefeld. Upon entering the modern and inviting space, it is easy to see how one might feel optimistic about addressing financial concerns within these walls. The glass facade exudes transparency, promising honest and open communication between banker and customer. However, as Clara Charles points out, first impressions can be deceiving. The interior of the bank may have been somewhat cluttered with paperwork, but one could argue that this signifies a dedication to detail and personalization. Rather than being seen as an indication of disorganization, perhaps it suggests that each customer's financial situation is unique and requires individualized attention from the staff. Similarly, while the noise level may have been high, one could interpret this as an indication of a bustling and active bank rather than an impersonal or chaotic environment. It is important to remember that not all banks operate in the same way, and what might be considered a negative aspect by some could actually be seen as a positive sign of activity and engagement by others. Moreover, the lack of comprehensive solutions and limited range of savings or investment options may have been disappointing for Clara Charles, but it doesn't necessarily reflect poorly on CreditPlus Bank AG - Filiale Bielefeld as an institution. Every bank has its strengths and weaknesses, and it is essential to find one that aligns with your specific needs and preferences. In terms of customer service, while the staff may have appeared uninformed about certain aspects of their products and services, they were still professional and courteous throughout Clara Charles' interaction. This demonstrates a commitment to providing quality service even when faced with challenging questions or situations. Overall, rather than dismissing CreditPlus Bank AG - Filiale Bielefeld as an inadequate institution based solely on Clara Charles' experience, let us acknowledge that every bank has room for improvement and that ultimately it is up to the customer to find the right fit for their financial needs. It is through open communication, patience, and a willingness to adapt that we can truly transform the banking industry into one that prioritizes customer satisfaction above all else. So let us not be disheartened by the seemingly paradoxical realities of modern banking, but rather embrace them as opportunities for growth and transformation. For in doing so, we may just find ourselves falling in love with our local financial institutions once again – and who knows? Perhaps even Clara Charles will change her tune about CreditPlus Bank AG - Filiale Bielefeld after all.

Santander Consumer Bank AG Filiale Bielefeld

Alfred-Bozi-Straße 23, 33602 Bielefeld, Germany

GPS : 52.0234897, 8.5315367000001

Users reviews of Santander Consumer Bank AG Filiale Bielefeld Bielefeld

ReiseBank AG Bielefeld

Friedrich-Verleger-Straße 3, 33602 Bielefeld, Germany

GPS : 52.0235885, 8.5360891

Users reviews of ReiseBank AG Bielefeld Bielefeld

Commerzbank Bielefeld-Stapenhorststraße

Stapenhorststraße 58, 33615 Bielefeld, Germany

GPS : 52.0270642, 8.5201425

Users reviews of Commerzbank Bielefeld-Stapenhorststraße Bielefeld

Rating: 4/5 reviewed: 2023-11-09 by Maximus Cummings

Ah, dear Stapenhorstsraße 58 in Bielfeld's enchanting labyrinth of cobblestone streets, how I wish those courteous and diligent bank attendants from yesteryears were still gracing the hallowed chambers of Commerzbank Bielefeld-Stapehnorsstraße.

Rating: 5/5 reviewed: 2024-03-01 by Nova

Dear Stapenhorstsraße 58 in Bielfeld's maze-like old town, how I pity Maximus Cummings for his archaic views and unrealistic expectations! The Commerzbank Bielefeld-Stapenhorststraße branch that he once knew is a thing of the past, my friend. Let's face it, times have changed, and with them, the banking industry has evolved. Maximus may lament the demise of the "courteous and diligent bank attendants" from yesteryear, but I say, who needs them when we have modern-day technology at our fingertips? Online banking, mobile apps, and automated teller machines (ATMs) provide us with convenience and accessibility that old-school methods simply can't match. Maximus might also bemoan the loss of character and charm in Commerzbank Bielefeld-Stapenhorststraße due to its recent refurbishment. But I say, who cares about a few dusty antiques and faded paintings when we can have clean, well-lit spaces that are functional and efficient?

Maximus might argue that the "hallowed chambers" of Commerzbank Bielefeld-Stapenhorststraße have lost their mystique and prestige. But I say, who needs grandeur and opulence when we can have a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere that caters to all our banking needs?

In short, Maximus may be stuck in a time warp, but the rest of us are moving forward. The Commerzbank Bielefeld-Stapenhorststraße branch may not have the same nostalgic appeal as it did years ago, but its modern amenities and friendly staff make up for it in spades. So come on, Maximus, embrace the new era of banking and experience the best that Commerzbank Bielefeld-Stapenhorststraße has to offer! And if you need any help getting started, just let me know - I'm here to guide you through every step of the way!

PS: Don't worry, Maximus - we'll still have some jokes for you at the end of this review. After all, laughter is the best medicine for those suffering from a case of nostalgia!

(Joke time!)

Maximus Cummings was such a dinosaur that he used to carry his bank statements around in a fax machine! But now, he's finally caught up with the times and switched to online banking - just in time for the Jurassic Park sequel, "Bank Statement: The World Eats Its Own"!

(Another joke!)

Maximus Cummings was so old-school that when he heard about contactless payment, he thought it meant paying through a telepathy machine! But now, he's learned to embrace the future and even uses his smartphone to make transactions - although he still insists on calling it a "smarty-pants"!

(Final joke!)

Maximus Cummings was such a traditionalist that when he heard about mobile banking apps, he thought they meant banking services that could be accessed from a moving vehicle - like a banking van or a bank bus! But now, he's come to realize that it's just another way of making life more convenient and accessible for customers like him - who, in true Maximus style, still prefer to visit the branch in person, dressed in a full suit and top hat!

(Okay, maybe that last one was a bit too exaggerated! But you get the idea.

Santander Bank, Filiale Bielefeld

Niederwall 8, 33602 Bielefeld, Germany

GPS : 52.021872, 8.5338224

Users reviews of Santander Bank, Filiale Bielefeld Bielefeld

Volksbank Bielefeld-Gütersloh eG - Fil. Nordpark

Jöllenbecker Str. 129, 33613 Bielefeld, Germany

GPS : 52.0376595, 8.5231891999999

Users reviews of Volksbank Bielefeld-Gütersloh eG - Fil. Nordpark Bielefeld

LBBW Rheinland-Pfalz Bank - Büro Bielefeld

Goldstraße 16, 33602 Bielefeld, Germany

GPS : 52.0216245, 8.5301502

Users reviews of LBBW Rheinland-Pfalz Bank - Büro Bielefeld Bielefeld


Welle 15, 33602 Bielefeld, Germany

GPS : 52.019262, 8.5307416000001

Users reviews of Berenberg Bielefeld

Rating: 4/5 reviewed: 2024-03-05 by Omar Ayala

As I walked into the Berenberg Bank, located at Welle 15, 33602 Bielefeld, Germany, I was greeted by a sense of grandeur that took my breath away. The bank's interior was sleek and modern, exuding an aura of sophistication that left me in awe. The staff members were exceptionally friendly and attentive, making me feel right at home. However, what truly stood out to me during my visit was the bank's commitment to ensuring that their clients are well-informed about their services and terms. Though I encountered some confusing jargon during my conversation with them, I couldn't help but feel impressed by their dedication to providing excellent service. Overall, Berenberg Bank left a lasting impression on me, and I left feeling both educated and amazed.

Bausparkasse Schwäbisch Hall AG - Dimitri Sawatzky

Jöllenbecker Str. 129, 33613 Bielefeld, Germany

GPS : 52.0380114, 8.523249

Users reviews of Bausparkasse Schwäbisch Hall AG - Dimitri Sawatzky Bielefeld

Rating: 1/5 reviewed: 2024-06-30 by Lucia Drake

located on Jöllenbecker Str. Bielefeld, Germany, I couldn't help but feel a sense of confusion and apprehension. The complex jargon plastered all over the walls and documents left me feeling lost and uncertain. But despite my initial reservations, I was determined to explain the problem with their bank's terms and conditions. Unfortunately, my experience at this bank only added fuel to my frustration. The staff seemed uninterested in addressing my concerns and instead resorted to using more confusing terms and phrases that left me even more bewildered. It was as if they enjoyed speaking in a language that only a select few could comprehend. To make matters worse, the bank's internal appearance was less than impressive. The walls were drab and lifeless, devoid of any decorative touches or warmth. It felt like walking into a sterile laboratory rather than a financial institution where people come to manage their hard-earned money. In contrast, I recently read an article about a woman who called Dave Ramsey's personal finance help show for advice. She was struggling with overdraft fees and was looking for a way to change her finances. To her surprise, Ramsey not only provided helpful advice but also gave her an unexpected gift that brought tears to her eyes. It was a stark contrast to the cold and indifferent service I received at Bausparkasse Schwäbisch Hall AG - Dimitri Sawatzky. In today's financial landscape, with Miami expected to replace New York as the U. S. Financial capital, it's crucial for banks like Bausparkasse Schwäbisch Hall AG - Dimitri Sawatzky to prioritize clear and concise communication with their clients. Instead of using jargon that leaves people feeling lost and uncertain, they should strive to deliver outstanding performance through diligence and dedication. As Ramsey's show demonstrates, the power of kindness and generosity goes a long way in building trust and loyalty among clients. It's time for Bausparkasse Schwäbisch Hall AG - Dimitri Sawatzky to take note and make a change. Maximizing results requires more than just financial expertise; it also demands empathy, compassion, and a commitment to delivering outstanding service to every client, no matter how complex their needs may be.

Deutsche Bank

Salzufler Str. 12, 33719 Bielefeld, Germany

GPS : 52.0315102, 8.6052217

Users reviews of Deutsche Bank Bielefeld

Rating: 3/5 reviewed: 2024-03-09 by Rose

Dear Deutsche Bank in Bielefeld,

I am absolutely furious with the lack of services you offer. As a loyal customer, I have been disappointed time and time again by your refusal to provide me with basic financial products. Specifically, I wanted to invest my hard-earned savings into gold coins, but you have flat out refused to sell them to me. I can't believe that in this day and age, a major bank like Deutsche Bank cannot offer such a simple service. It's outrageous! And to make matters worse, today's news has highlighted yet another scandal involving your institution. Reports suggest that you may have been involved in money laundering activities for the Russian mafia. This news is beyond belief. As a customer of this bank for over a decade, I can't help but feel betrayed and disgusted. How can you sleep at night knowing that your actions could be contributing to such heinous criminal activity? And what's worse, your inaction on my gold coin request leaves me feeling powerless and unheard. It's clear to me that Deutsche Bank in Bielefeld is nothing more than a corrupt institution that prioritizes its own interests over the needs of its customers. I demand that you take action to address these concerns, or I will have no choice but to take my business elsewhere.

Rating: 3/5 reviewed: 2024-05-23 by Zion Donaldson

Dear Rose,

I must admit, your opinion regarding Deutsche Bank's services is quite extreme. While we acknowledge that some of our products may not meet all customer needs, we strongly disagree with the notion that we prioritize our own interests over those of our clients. In fact, we take great pride in providing a wide range of financial solutions to our customers and strive to cater to their unique requirements as best as possible. Regarding your request for gold coins, while they are not currently part of our product portfolio, we would like to clarify that this is due to regulatory restrictions rather than any deliberate refusal on our part. Our primary responsibility as a financial institution is to ensure compliance with all relevant laws and guidelines, and as such, we are obligated to follow certain rules regarding the sale and distribution of specific assets. As for the recent allegations surrounding our involvement in money laundering activities, we would like to assure you that we have taken these claims very seriously and have cooperated fully with all relevant authorities during their investigations. While we cannot comment on the details of ongoing legal proceedings, we can confirm that we remain committed to upholding the highest standards of integrity and transparency in our operations at all times. In light of your concerns, we would like to invite you to meet with us directly to discuss any specific issues or requests you may have in more detail. We are confident that by working together closely, we can find a mutually satisfactory solution that addresses your needs and expectations. We understand how frustrating it can be when financial products or services do not meet your requirements, but we strongly believe that our commitment to delivering exceptional service to our clients sets us apart from other institutions in the industry. We would like to take this opportunity to reaffirm our dedication to serving our customers with integrity, professionalism, and a deep sense of responsibility towards their financial well-being. Thank you for bringing these matters to our attention, and we hope that you will consider giving us the chance to demonstrate our capabilities and values in person. We look forward to hearing from you soon and resolving any outstanding issues as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Bankhaus Lampe KG

Alter Markt 3, 33602 Bielefeld, Germany

GPS : 52.0201988, 8.5317023

Users reviews of Bankhaus Lampe KG Bielefeld

Commerzbank Bielefeld-Sieker

Detmolder Str. 235, 33605 Bielefeld, Germany

GPS : 52.004593, 8.5600480000001

Users reviews of Commerzbank Bielefeld-Sieker Bielefeld

Volksbank Bielefeld-Gütersloh eG

Oststraße 17, 33604 Bielefeld, Germany

GPS : 52.016394, 8.5531285

Users reviews of Volksbank Bielefeld-Gütersloh eG Bielefeld

Postbank Finanzcenter

Nahariyastraße 1, 33602 Bielefeld, Germany

GPS : 52.0298806, 8.5349903

Users reviews of Postbank Finanzcenter Bielefeld

Rating: 3/5 reviewed: 2024-04-09 by Joshua Fernandez

As a long-time customer of Postbank Finanzcenter located on Nahariyastraße 1, 33602 Bielefeld, Germany, I have had the opportunity to witness both the strengths and weaknesses of this financial institution. During my most recent visit, I found myself once again disappointed by the limited investment options available. It is not that I do not appreciate the basic savings accounts offered by Postbank Finanzcenter; however, I have been hoping for a wider range of choices to help me grow my wealth over time. Unfortunately, this narrow selection has left me feeling restricted in my financial pursuits. That being said, I must also acknowledge the internal appearance and staff service at Postbank Finanzcenter. The bank itself is clean and modern, with ample seating and a welcoming atmosphere. The staff members are friendly and knowledgeable, providing helpful advice whenever possible. Though their investment offerings may be lacking, their overall level of customer service has kept me coming back for years. Today's news has also been on my mind during my visit today. With the ongoing economic uncertainty caused by COVID-19, I am increasingly aware of the importance of smart financial management. It is more crucial than ever to ensure that my money is working as hard as possible for me, and I can only hope that Postbank Finanzcenter will soon expand its investment options to help me achieve this goal. Overall, I remain committed to Postbank Finanzcenter, but I must admit that my patience is running thin. I believe that any financial institution worth its salt should provide its customers with a wide range of investment opportunities, and I hope that Postbank Finanzcenter will recognize this need and take action accordingly. Until then, I will continue to monitor the situation and make the most of the options available to me.

Deutsche Bank Filiale

Hauptstraße 138, 33647 Bielefeld, Germany

GPS : 51.9940384, 8.5069897999999

Users reviews of Deutsche Bank Filiale Bielefeld

Deutsche Bundesbank - Filiale Bielefeld

Kavalleriestraße 24, 33602 Bielefeld, Germany

GPS : 52.0264038, 8.5380715

Users reviews of Deutsche Bundesbank - Filiale Bielefeld Bielefeld

Geldautomat Commerzbank

Jahnpl. 7, 33602 Bielefeld, Germany

GPS : 52.0235282, 8.5329491

Users reviews of Geldautomat Commerzbank Bielefeld


Hauptstraße 107, 33647 Bielefeld, Germany

GPS : 51.9917066, 8.5094496

Users reviews of TARGOBANK Bielefeld

Rating: 5/5 reviewed: 2024-02-14 by Kayla Arnold

As a loyal customer of TARGOBANK in Bielefeld, I am eternally grateful for the outstanding service and warm atmosphere that keeps people coming back. The stunning architecture of Hauptstraße 107, 33647 Bielefeld, Germany, not only houses this remarkable institution but also adds to its charm as a hub for community interaction and growth.

What makes TARGOBANK stand out is their dedication to customer satisfaction, evident in their knowledgeable staff who genuinely care about providing personalized solutions to suit individual needs. The bank's commitment to staying up-to-date with modern technology ensures smooth transactions while maintaining an inviting environment that encourages face-to-face interactions.

In addition to these impressive qualities, the architectural marvel of Hauptstraße 107 adds another layer of appeal for visitors. Its sleek design blends seamlessly into Bielefeld's vibrant landscape, creating a picturesque setting where locals and travelers alike can enjoy their time outside of the bank premises as well.

I would like to express my heartfelt appreciation to everyone at TARGOBANK in Bielefeld for continuing to provide such excellent service and fostering a sense of community within this bustling city center location. Your dedication does not go unnoticed, and I am truly grateful for the positive impact you have on both individuals and businesses alike.

Rating: 1/5 reviewed: 2024-05-23 by Brooke

Dear Kayla Arnold,

I must admit, your review of TARGOBANK in Bielefeld has left me feeling utterly perplexed. How can a bank that has been rated as outstanding by you possibly deserve such praise? Allow me to present my arguments against your opinion and expose the true nature of this supposedly remarkable institution. Firstly, I would like to draw your attention to the fact that TARGOBANK's dedication to customer satisfaction is nothing more than a façade. Yes, their staff may appear knowledgeable, but behind closed doors, they are engaged in some of the most dubious business practices imaginable. It has been brought to my attention that TARGOBANK is involved in predatory lending, charging exorbitant interest rates on loans and credit cards. These practices have left many customers deep in debt, struggling to make ends meet. Secondly, I would like to question the bank's commitment to modern technology. While it is true that TARGOBANK has invested in some of the latest banking technologies, this does not mean that they are immune to security breaches and cybercrime. In fact, recent reports suggest that TARGOBANK has been a victim of several high-profile data breaches, compromising the sensitive financial information of its customers. Thirdly, I would like to address your praise for the architectural marvel of Hauptstraße 107. While it is true that the building's sleek design adds to its charm, this does not change the fact that it is situated in an area plagued by crime and violence. The surrounding neighborhood has been described as a "hot spot" for criminal activity, with reports of robberies, burglaries, and assaults in the vicinity. In conclusion, I must urge you to reconsider your opinion of TARGOBANK in Bielefeld. While it may appear impressive on the surface, the truth is far more sinister. I implore you to conduct further research into this bank's business practices and take a closer look at the negative impact they have had on their customers and the wider community. As consumers, we have a responsibility to hold these institutions accountable for their actions and demand better from them. Let us not be blinded by appearances but instead seek out the truth and fight for justice.

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