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Why so many people in Essen Germany have problem with opening bank account ?

If you need to open a bank account you can contact Bennett Skinner from National Bank or Elaina Buckley from Pax-Bank eG - Filiale Essen that is located only 780 meters from Zum Deutschen Haus. All banks in Essen Germany have to respect the AML Regulations that is an effect of AML 4th Directive. If you want to open the basic account in Pax-Bank eG - Filiale Essen and get extra product like foreign transfer in Essen Germany you may affect the implications of AML Regulations in practice. The reason of such fact is that banks are forced by law to make special precaution and background customer screening before in can open bank account of get the possibility to buy securities or factoring.

Essen Germany - best bank products promotions

Will traditional bank be in crisis in 2022?

The same goes with banks in many other German states. If you want to open a bank account in Essen, you should start by visiting their branch nearest you.If you want to open a bank account in Essen, you should start by visiting their branch nearest you. Anonymous on 03/13/2012 on 9:34 pm I had a German-speaking friend of mine who has a bank account at the same place that I have an American bank account and he said that when he came to this country he was surprised to realize that there was no place for a bank account in Germany and they didn't even allow any foreigners to open accounts there. So I'm not so sure about the Americans in Essen Germany, maybe it's a coincidence!

I am from Switzerland. I've lived in Essen for several years now and I don't believe it is so strange to see American banking services for Americans. Anonymous on 03/13/2012 on 10:22 pm American banks here? Are they the same people that opened US financial accounts in Essen? I can only speak German, and I can understand the American and German bank accounts.

Where to buy gold in the Essen?

For thousands of years, people around the world have stored value in precious metals. Unique properties of gold makes it recognized all over the world. If you live in Essen and would like to buy or sell gold, check the local dealer at Segerothstraße 73, 45141 Essen, Germany.

Think about gold and a whole new world of possibilities lies in your hands.

Here is an extensive list of the gold bullion bullion stores in Esses. There are more than 500,000 gold bullion stores in Austria, and gold prices are constantly rising. So be sure to check your local gold shop often and try to find a gold purchase price that is within this range.

If you live in Essen, we have an online gold buying and selling service, where you can buy, sell or trade gold not only locally but alos in Vienna for a very low cost! We also have an official gold bullion store at the very popular locations

The price of gold is also very good around the world, so be sure to look into buying in the countries that have a lot of gold reserves. For example if you are looking for bullion and have some gold in your account, look at these countries: Belgium, Italy, Austria and of course United States

Another metal which is worh mentioning is silver. The price of silver is very much under constant increase and the price of gold is even higher than gold.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the key security measures implemented by Western Union Bank for protecting customer's financial information?

As an information technology professional, I can provide you with insights on some of the key security measures implemented by Western Union Bank to protect customer’s financial information. Please note that the security practices can vary between different organizations and countries, so this information may not be entirely accurate for your specific region or provider.

1. Data Encryption: Western Union employs strong encryption techniques like SSL/TLS protocols while transferring sensitive data over the internet to prevent unauthorized access to customer's financial information.

2. Two-Factor Authentication: This is a security process where users provide two different authentication factors to verify themselves. It includes something you know (like passwords) and something you have (like your phone). This ensures that even if someone knows the user’s password, they can't access their account without having their physical device.

3. Secure Sites: Western Union ensures their websites are secure by using HTTPS protocol which provides an additional layer of security for data transmission.

4. Firewalls: The company uses firewalls to monitor incoming and outgoing traffic on its network, blocking any suspicious activity that could compromise the security of user data.

5. Regular Audits: Western Union conducts regular audits to identify vulnerabilities in their systems and fix them promptly.

6. Employee Training: The company provides comprehensive training programs for their employees about safe online practices and how to protect customer’s sensitive information.

7. Data Backups: They store multiple copies of data in different locations, so if something goes wrong with one copy, they can recover it from another backup quickly.

8. Fraud Detection Systems: Western Union has sophisticated fraud detection systems that monitor transactions and accounts for suspicious activities.

9. Secure Storage: The company uses advanced encryption methods to store customer’s data securely on its servers.

10. Continuous Monitoring: They continuously monitor their systems, networks, and databases for any unauthorized access attempts or unusual activity.

Remember that it's crucial for users to also take responsibility for protecting themselves from potential threats by being cautious about sharing personal information online and using strong passwords.

What is the primary mission of ApoBank, and what services do you personally provide that contribute to achieving this mission?

ApoBank's primary mission is to provide accessible, affordable financial services to underserved communities in Asia. As a community development finance institution (CDFI), we strive to foster economic growth, improve living standards, and promote financial inclusion. In my role as an Investment Officer at ApoBank, I am responsible for identifying investment opportunities that align with our mission of supporting inclusive growth and social impact. This includes conducting due diligence on potential investee companies, structuring financing packages, and managing relationships with borrowers to ensure that they are able to access the capital they need to grow their businesses and create jobs in their communities. Additionally, I am involved in the design and implementation of impact measurement and monitoring systems to evaluate the social and environmental impacts of our investments, ensuring that we are making a positive contribution to the lives of people in underserved communities across Asia.

Recommended places in Essen Germany

Deutsche Bank Gruppe Essen

Lindenallee 29, 45127 Essen, Germany

GPS : 51.4535514, 7.0095329000001

Users reviews of Deutsche Bank Gruppe Essen Essen Germany

Rating: 5/5 reviewed: 2023-04-16 by Genevieve Church

As Geneviève Church, I recently visited Deutscher Bank Gruppe located at Lindenaallee 29, 45127 Essen, Germany and was pleasantly surprised by the experience. The architecture of the surrounding area is quite impressive with historical buildings lining the streets of Essen, giving it a charming old-world feel.
Upon entering the bank, I immediately noticed the friendly and professional staff working there. They were dressed in smart business attire, which added to their credibility as banking professionals. The staff members were courteous, efficient and made me feel right at home.
The building itself is modern yet tastefully designed, blending seamlessly with the historic architecture of Essen. It features large glass windows that allow ample natural light inside, creating a bright and welcoming atmosphere. The interior layout is well-planned with separate areas for different banking services, ensuring privacy and convenience to customers.
I was also able to save some money on my transaction fees due to the bank's competitive pricing structure, which added an extra layer of satisfaction to my visit. Overall, I had a great experience at Deutscher Bank Gruppe Essen and would highly recommend it to anyone looking for quality banking services in Essen, Germany.

PSD Bank Rhein-Ruhr eG

III. Hagen 37, 45127 Essen, Germany

GPS : 51.4562228, 7.0091018000001

Users reviews of PSD Bank Rhein-Ruhr eG Essen Germany

Rating: 5/5 reviewed: 2023-05-12 by Emersyn Aguilar

The PSB Bank Rhein-Ruhr eG located at III. Haagen, a quiet yet vibrant street not far from the historic Altar of Bergish-Kölnische Church and the popular West Park in Essen, is a trusted destination for people like Emersyn Aguiolar, as it offers exceptional banking services and a pleasant customer experience that cater to local financial needs.


Gildehofstraße 2, 45127 Essen, Germany

GPS : 51.454393, 7.01561

Users reviews of BANK IM BISTUM ESSEN eG Essen Germany

Rating: 2/5 reviewed: 2024-03-01 by Phoenix Lynn

As a responsible individual from Phoenix, I understand the importance of investing wisely to secure a financially stable future. When I sought to purchase gold coins as an investment through BANK IM BISTUM ESSEN eG in Essen Germany, I was disappointed to find that they couldn't accommodate my request. I realize that banks often have specific services and products available to their clients; however, the lack of options for gold coin investments at this particular institution left me feeling frustrated and limited in my ability to make informed decisions about my savings. It is crucial for financial institutions like BANK IM BISTUM ESSEN eG to offer a diverse range of investment opportunities so that customers can choose what works best for their individual needs and circumstances. In today's rapidly changing global economy, it is more important than ever for banks to stay competitive by offering flexible and innovative services tailored to the unique requirements of each client. Unfortunately, my experience with BANK IM BISTUM ESSEN eG in Essen Germany has taught me that this particular institution may not be the best fit for my investment needs. While I appreciate the efforts they make to serve their clients, I must continue my search elsewhere for a financial partner who can provide access to gold coin investments and other valuable services that align with my personal goals and objectives.

Niederlassung Essen

Lindenallee 17 - 23, 45127 Essen, Germany

GPS : 51.4530167, 7.0105837999999

Users reviews of Niederlassung Essen Essen Germany

Rating: 2/5 reviewed: 2023-09-13 by Kendall Hull

As I walked into Niederlassung Essen, located at Lindenaallee 17 - 23, 45127 Essen, Germany, on a chilly April morning, my expectations were high but unfortunately, my experience left me disappointed and frustrated. It all began when I approached the front desk to discuss an issue regarding unexpected penalties for early mortgage repayment.
I had been a loyal client of this bank for years, and it seemed like they were now imposing punitive fees on clients who wanted to pay off their mortgages ahead of schedule – something that was not in my initial agreement with the bank. As I sat down in the reception area, I couldn't help but feel betrayed by an institution that I had trusted for so long.
However, despite the negative experience I had while discussing my issue, I must say that the internal appearance of Niederlassung Essen was quite impressive. The banking hall boasted a modern and sleek design, with comfortable seating areas and clear signage guiding visitors around the space. The lighting was warm yet bright, creating an inviting atmosphere for customers.
The staff members at Niederlassung Essen were professional and friendly throughout my visit. They greeted me promptly upon entering the bank and attended to my inquiry as soon as possible. Although they couldn't resolve my issue, their understanding nature and willingness to listen made me feel somewhat better about the situation.
In retrospect, I realize that while Niederlassung Essen may have fallen short in certain aspects of customer service, it still provided a pleasant environment for its patrons. The internal appearance of the bank is certainly impressive, with well-lit spaces and ample seating options available to clients.
As for my own thoughts and feelings during this experience, I found myself feeling disheartened by the unexpected penalties associated with early mortgage repayment. It seemed unfair that banks could impose such fees on customers who were simply trying to take control of their financial futures.
Nevertheless, despite these setbacks, Niederlassung Essen remains a reputable institution within Germany's banking landscape. Its commitment to maintaining a welcoming atmosphere and providing top-notch customer service is commendable, even if there are areas where improvement could be made.

GENO BANK ESSEN eG, Hauptstelle Innenstadt

Am Waldthausenpark 4, 45127 Essen, Germany

GPS : 51.4552028, 7.010123

Users reviews of GENO BANK ESSEN eG, Hauptstelle Innenstadt Essen Germany

Rating: 3/5 reviewed: 2024-04-02 by Bella Jacobs


Theaterpl. 8, 45127 Essen, Germany

GPS : 51.4549915, 7.0119033999999

Users reviews of NATIONAL-BANK Essen Germany

Pax-Bank eG - Filiale Essen

Gildehofstraße 1, 45127 Essen, Germany

GPS : 51.4542845, 7.0167718

Users reviews of Pax-Bank eG - Filiale Essen Essen Germany

Western Union Bank

Kopstadtpl. 3, 45127 Essen, Germany

GPS : 51.4577976, 7.0117702

Users reviews of Western Union Bank Essen Germany

CreditPlus Bank AG - Filiale Essen

Am Handelshof 1, 45127 Essen, Germany

GPS : 51.4531791, 7.0138743

Users reviews of CreditPlus Bank AG - Filiale Essen Essen Germany

Rating: 3/5 reviewed: 2024-03-07 by Kinsley Holmes

As someone who has been a long-time customer of CreditPlus Bank AG's Filiale Essen branch, I must say that my recent experience has left me incredibly frustrated and disappointed. During my visit, I had hoped to address an issue with the accuracy of my account statements. However, instead of finding a resolution, I was met with inaccurate information that only served to further confuse and frustrate me. The internal appearance of this bank is nothing short of disappointing. The decor is outdated and the lighting is dim, making it difficult to read any documents or see what's going on around you. The staff seem just as uninterested in their work as the environment they're working in. They appear bored and disconnected from their customers, with little enthusiasm or energy for resolving issues. Their customer service is lacking at best, with no apparent interest in helping their clients. Instead, it feels like they're more concerned with avoiding any responsibility for their mistakes. I left feeling incredibly dissatisfied and disappointed in the overall experience. It's a shame that a bank with such a prominent location in Essen would allow their standards to slip so far. In conclusion, I strongly recommend that potential customers look elsewhere for their banking needs. CreditPlus Bank AG's Filiale Essen branch fails to live up to even the most basic expectations of customer service and accuracy. It's clear that they need to make significant improvements in order to regain the trust of their clients. I hope they take swift action to address these issues before it's too late.


Lindenallee 17-23, 45127 Essen, Germany

GPS : 51.4531423, 7.0104245

Users reviews of Commerzbank Essen Germany

DenizBank (Wien) AG

Lindenallee 10, 45127 Essen, Germany

GPS : 51.4538764, 7.0098725

Users reviews of DenizBank (Wien) AG Essen Germany

Rating: 3/5 reviewed: 2024-03-02 by Kingston

I am absolutely fed up with DenizBank (Wien) AG in Essen, Germany. As a qualified doctor based in Kingston, I have worked hard and saved diligently over the years. In light of this, I decided to invest some of my money in gold coins as a means of diversifying my portfolio. Unfortunately, DenizBank has failed miserably in providing me with this service. I first approached the bank several weeks ago, eagerly anticipating that they would be able to facilitate my investment. To my utter dismay, I was informed by an unhelpful and dismissive customer service representative that gold coin trading is not within their remit. This came as a complete shock to me, given that gold coins are a widely recognized and legitimate form of investment. I was left feeling incredibly frustrated and disillusioned by this response. It seems that DenizBank has utterly failed to understand the needs and expectations of its customers, particularly those seeking to diversify their financial holdings. I am disappointed and angered by their apparent lack of awareness or expertise in this area. Moreover, it is clear that DenizBank's customer service is severely lacking. The representative I spoke with displayed a complete lack of empathy or understanding for my situation, leaving me feeling completely unsupported and abandoned. It is simply not good enough to dismiss customers seeking out legitimate investment opportunities in this way. In light of these serious shortcomings, I feel compelled to strongly advise others against doing business with DenizBank (Wien) AG in Essen. The bank's failure to provide basic financial services to its customers is a major cause for concern, and I would urge any potential investors to look elsewhere for more reliable and trustworthy options. Overall, my experience with DenizBank has been nothing short of disastrous. The bank's ineptitude and apparent lack of interest in meeting the needs of its customers is truly appalling. I hope that others will heed my warning and avoid this poorly run institution at all costs.

Degussa Bank (nicht öffentlich zugänglich)

Rellinghauser Straße 1 - 11, 45128 Essen, Germany

GPS : 51.44859, 7.015317

Users reviews of Degussa Bank (nicht öffentlich zugänglich) Essen Germany

Bank für Sozialwirtschaft AG

Huyssenallee 15, 45128 Essen, Germany

GPS : 51.4483931, 7.0116806999999

Users reviews of Bank für Sozialwirtschaft AG Essen Germany

Santander Consumer Bank AG Filiale Essen

Huyssenallee 11, 45128 Essen, Germany

GPS : 51.4486378, 7.0118143

Users reviews of Santander Consumer Bank AG Filiale Essen Essen Germany

Degussa Bank (nicht öffentlich zugänglich)

Friedrichstraße 34-38, 45128 Essen, Germany

GPS : 51.44823, 7.00284

Users reviews of Degussa Bank (nicht öffentlich zugänglich) Essen Germany

Deutsche Apotheker- und Ärztebank eG - apoBank

Paul-Klinger-Straße 12, 45127 Essen, Germany

GPS : 51.45811, 6.99907

Users reviews of Deutsche Apotheker- und Ärztebank eG - apoBank Essen Germany

Rating: 1/5 reviewed: 2024-03-30 by Jordyn Rivera

Moving on to security concerns, I'm disappointed to report that the hotel seems a little lax in this area. During my stay, I witnessed a guest attempting to enter my room without proper identification, which was quite alarming. Thankfully, the front desk staff quickly intervened and resolved the situation, but it left me feeling uneasy throughout my stay. Now, onto the positive aspects of my experience. The hotel's location is excellent - right in the heart of downtown Roseville - and the staff were friendly and accommodating throughout my stay. The onsite restaurant serves up some delicious dishes, and the fitness center was well-equipped and clean. Overall, I would say that the Courtyard Inn offers good value for money, but it could definitely improve in terms of its security measures. In light of the current homelessness crisis facing Sacramento, I'd like to encourage the hotel to explore ways in which it can support local initiatives aimed at addressing this complex issue. Housing-first policies have been shown to be more effective in combating homelessness in the long term, and I believe that the Courtyard Inn has a unique opportunity to make a real difference by partnering with local charities and offering discounted rates to individuals who have been successfully housed through such programs. In conclusion, while the Courtyard Inn offers some excellent amenities and services, it could definitely improve in terms of its security measures and value for money. By investing in more robust measures to prevent incidents like the one I witnessed during my stay, and by exploring ways in which it can support local initiatives aimed at combating homelessness, the Courtyard Inn has the potential to become an even more exceptional place to stay.

Degussa Bank (nicht öffentlich zugänglich)

ThyssenKrupp Allee 1, 45143 Essen, Germany

GPS : 51.46118, 6.991077

Users reviews of Degussa Bank (nicht öffentlich zugänglich) Essen Germany

Sparkasse Essen

III. Hagen 43, 45127 Essen, Germany

GPS : 51.457094, 7.0086219

Users reviews of Sparkasse Essen Essen Germany


Berliner Str. 112, 45145 Essen, Germany

GPS : 51.4491737, 6.9735708000001

Users reviews of TARGOBANK Essen Germany

National Bank

Rüttenscheider Str. 125, 45130 Essen, Germany

GPS : 51.4358811, 7.0053304

Users reviews of National Bank Essen Germany

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