Brokerage services in Manassas - investing with bank

Banks are very helpful in modern times. In modern world over 90 percent of financial transactions in Manassas are carried out through banks. You may need express transfer or brokerage services. In case of question with factoring you can contact directly Mr Holden Cox from TD Bank at 8401 Digges Rd, Manassas, VA 20110, United States or Charles Hensley from United Bank located at 9872 Liberia Ave, Manassas, VA 20110, United States.

How to open bank account in Manassas

If you don't know how to open new bank account for savings or every day spending you can meet with Charles Hensley from United Bank. They can also offer you financing of you enterprise. The statistics presented below simple describe the number of AML Regulations that affects the banking sector in Manassas. Number of rejected applications in Manassas for current account in last 5 years:
Personal Account Application5151527953705480561926899
Business Account Application5126528854285520565627018

How to pay less for loan in Manassas

If want smaller monthly fees for loan or mortgage you can make an appointment with Eduardo Clarke from TD Bank and renegotiate the terms of your agreement.

How to get business loan - banks of Manassas

If you need to a financing for you start-up - check our list of recommended institutions. For cash loans or mortgages check the best offers from United Bank , Fulton Bank located at 9012 Church St, Manassas, VA 20110, United States.

Investing with Bank Brokerage Services in Manassas

Manassas, Virginia has long been a hub for financial services and is home to many financial companies that offer brokerage services. Investing with a bank brokerage can provide access to a wide range of investments, from stocks and bonds to mutual funds and annuities.

When it comes to investing, it is important to understand the various services available and the benefits they offer. Bank brokerage services provide a wide range of investment options, including stocks, bonds, mutual funds, ETFs, and annuities. For those who are new to investing, bank brokerage services can provide advice and guidance on the right investments for their needs.

In addition to providing a wide range of investments, bank brokerage services can also provide financial advice. This advice can range from helping clients decide on the right investment options to providing insight into the current market and how it affects their investments. Bank brokerage services can also provide retirement planning services and other financial planning services to help clients prepare for the future.

Bank brokerage services in Manassas also provide access to a variety of banking products, such as credit cards, checking and savings accounts, and more. These products can help clients save money and manage their finances.

Overall, investing with a bank brokerage can provide clients with a wide range of options and access to expert financial advice. Investing with a bank brokerage in Manassas can help clients better manage their money and prepare for the future.

Frequently Asked Questions:

As a bank employee at SunTrust Bank's Manassas branch, what specific financial services and products does our institution offer to the local community?

At SunTrust Bank's Manassas branch, we provide a wide range of financial services and products tailored to meet the needs of our local community. Here are some of the key services we offer:

1. Personal banking: We offer personalized solutions for individuals, including checking and savings accounts, certificates of deposit (CDs), individual retirement accounts (IRAs) and more. Our personal banking services also include online banking, mobile banking, and bill payment options to make managing your finances easy and convenient.

2. Mortgages: We help customers purchase or refinance their homes with competitive mortgage rates and flexible loan terms. Our mortgage products include fixed-rate mortgages, adjustable-rate mortgages, and government-backed loans like FHA, VA, and USDA loans.

3. Home equity loans and lines of credit: SunTrust Bank offers home equity loans and lines of credit that allow you to tap into the equity in your home for major expenses such as home improvements, debt consolidation, or other financial needs.

4. Auto loans: We provide financing options for purchasing new or used vehicles, with competitive interest rates and flexible repayment plans. Our auto loan products also include leasing options.

5. Small business banking: We offer a variety of banking solutions for small businesses, including checking accounts, savings accounts, loans, lines of credit, and other financial services to help your business grow and succeed.

6. Investments: Through our investment services, we help clients build and manage their portfolios with a range of investment options such as stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and exchange-traded funds (ETFs). Our team of experienced financial advisors can help you create a personalized investment plan that aligns with your goals and risk tolerance.

7. Wealth management: For clients with more complex financial needs, we offer comprehensive wealth management services. This includes estate planning, tax planning, retirement planning, and risk management solutions to help you protect and grow your wealth.

8. Financial education: At SunTrust Bank, we believe in empowering our customers with the knowledge they need to make informed financial decisions. We offer a variety of educational resources, including workshops, webinars, and one-on-one consultations with our financial experts.

9. Online and mobile banking: To ensure that our customers have access to their accounts anytime, anywhere, we provide online and mobile banking platforms. These platforms allow you to check your balance, transfer funds, pay bills, and more from the convenience of your home or on-the-go.

By offering these financial services and products, SunTrust Bank's Manassas branch is committed to helping our local community achieve their financial goals and dreams.

As a Wells Fargo Bank employee in Manassas, what are the steps customers need to follow when opening a new checking account?

As an employee of Wells Fargo Bank in Manassas, I can guide you through the process of opening a new checking account for our valued customers. Here is a step-by-step guide:

1. Research and choose the right checking account: Wells Fargo offers various types of checking accounts such as Everyday Checking Account, Preferred Checking Account, and Portfolio by Wells Fargo. Compare their features and benefits to determine which one best fits your needs.

2. Gather necessary documents: To open a new checking account, you will need to provide some personal information and identification. These may include your Social Security number, driver's license or ID card, and proof of address (like a recent utility bill).

3. Visit a Wells Fargo branch: You can visit any Wells Fargo Bank location in Manassas or nearby areas to start the process of opening an account. Make sure you bring all required documents with you for a smooth experience.

4. Fill out the application form: A bank representative will assist you in filling out the application form, which includes providing personal information and choosing the type of checking account.

5. Set up your access preferences: You can choose how you would like to access your new account - through online banking, mobile app, or both. If you prefer paper statements, let the bank representative know so they can set it up accordingly.

6. Deposit initial funds: To activate your new checking account, you must deposit an initial amount of money. This could be a minimum deposit as specified by Wells Fargo or any amount that meets their requirement.

7. Receive your debit card and checkbook (if applicable): Once the account is activated, you will receive your debit card and checkbook (if chosen) from the bank representative. Keep these items securely until you are ready to use them.

8. Monitor your account activity: After opening your new checking account, keep track of all transactions made through it. Regular monitoring helps detect any unauthorized activities or errors promptly.

By following these steps, customers can successfully open a new Wells Fargo checking account at our Manassas branch.

What are the benefits and features of the various checking and savings accounts offered by Wells Fargo Bank in Manassas, and how do these options cater to different customer needs?

Wells Fargo Bank in Manassas offers a range of checking and savings account options that cater to different customer needs. Here are some of the benefits and features of their various accounts:
1. Checking Accounts:
- Everyday Checking Account - This is an interest-bearing checking account with no monthly service fee if you maintain a minimum daily balance or make certain activities. You can also get a debit card, online banking, mobile banking, bill pay, and Wells Fargo ATM access with this account.
- Preferred Checking Account - This account requires a higher minimum balance to waive the monthly service fee but offers additional benefits like no fees at non-Wells Fargo ATMs (up to $12 per month), unlimited check writing, and overdraft protection options. You also get all the standard checking features mentioned above.
- Portfolio by Wells Fargo Checking Account - This is an interest-bearing account that comes with a Wells Fargo Advantage Savings account and waives the monthly service fee when you link your accounts together. It offers all the standard checking features plus investment management services for a minimum portfolio balance.
2. Savings Accounts:
- Savings Account - This is an interest-bearing savings account that allows you to save money and earn competitive rates. You can open this account with as little as $25, and it comes with online banking and mobile banking access. There are no monthly service fees if you keep a minimum daily balance.
- Youth Savings Account - This is a savings account designed for customers under the age of 18. It offers all the features of the regular savings account but also has special benefits like an optional piggy bank to help children save money and learn about financial responsibility.
- Premium High-Rate Checking and Savings Account - This is a combination account that offers high-interest rates on both your checking and savings accounts. It requires a higher minimum balance to waive the monthly service fee but comes with all the standard checking and savings features plus additional benefits like discounts on Wells Fargo products and services, overdraft protection options, and investment management services for a minimum portfolio balance.
In summary, Wells Fargo Bank in Manassas offers various checking and savings account options that cater to different customer needs. From basic interest-bearing accounts with no monthly service fees to premium accounts with high-interest rates and additional benefits, there's an option for everyone.

What community programs and initiatives does TD Bank support in the Manassas area, and how can customers get involved or contribute?

TD Bank supports several community programs and initiatives in the Manassas area. Here are some examples:
1. TD Tree Days - TD Bank partners with Tree Canada to organize tree planting events in local communities. Customers can participate by volunteering at an event or donating funds for trees to be planted.
2. TD Ready Commitment - This is TD Bank's global corporate citizenship platform focused on three areas: financial security, vibrant planet, and connected communities. In the Manassas area, TD Bank supports programs that promote literacy, environmental sustainability, and community engagement. Customers can get involved by volunteering or donating to local organizations that align with these causes.
3. TD Helps Smile - This program provides funding for dental care for low-income children in the Manassas area. Customers can contribute by making a donation at any TD Bank branch or online.
4. Financial Literacy Programs - TD Bank supports financial literacy programs in local schools and community organizations. Customers can get involved by volunteering to teach financial skills or donating funds for these programs.
Customers interested in getting involved with any of these initiatives can contact their local TD Bank branch for more information on how to participate or contribute.

Recommended places in Manassas

M&T Bank

9214 Center St, Manassas, VA 20110, United States

GPS : 38.7513356, -77.4744141

Users reviews of M&T Bank Manassas

Rating: 2/5 reviewed: 2023-04-30 by Zane

As I ventured into the haunting halls of M&T Bank on Center St, Manassas, VA 20110, United States, I was immediately struck by a chilling atmosphere that seemed to seep through every crack and crevice. The ominous silence loomed over me like a suffocating fog, as if the very walls were trying to swallow my screams of frustration.

The bank's interior design was a macabre blend of sterile white walls and cold, metallic surfaces. It felt as though I had stumbled into some sort of sinister laboratory where unspeakable experiments were being conducted on unsuspecting victims.

As I approached the reception desk, I could feel my heart racing like a caged animal, desperate to escape its captor's grasp. The staff members behind the counter appeared more like grotesque puppets than human beings, their eyes glazed over with an eerie emptiness that sent shivers down my spine.

I explained my problem with one of their financial products and services, hoping for some semblance of clarity or understanding. But all I received was a cryptic response filled with jargon and vague promises that only served to deepen the abyss of confusion engulfing me.

Despite the chilling atmosphere and lack of transparency surrounding their financial offerings, I must give credit where it's due: the staff at M&T Bank on Center St were nothing short of terrifyingly efficient in handling my request. They moved with a speed that bordered on supernatural, their movements precise and calculated like a pack of ravenous wolves closing in for the kill.

But even as they efficiently processed my paperwork and sent me on my way, I couldn't shake off the feeling that something was amiss – that beneath the cold, clinical facade of M&T Bank lurked a darkness far more sinister than any horror movie could ever conjure up.

In conclusion, while M&T Bank in Manassas may excel at providing swift service and an otherworldly efficiency, it falls woefully short when it comes to offering clear communication about its financial products and services. For those seeking a more transparent banking experience, I would recommend exploring alternative options before venturing into the heart of darkness that is M&T Bank on Center St.

Rating: 5/5 reviewed: 2024-05-10 by Alexandra

I must vehemently disagree with Zane's review. In fact, I believe M&T Bank to be one of the most trustworthy and reputable financial institutions in the industry today. Firstly, let me address the issue of the bank's interior design. While it may not be as visually appealing as some other banks out there, I can assure you that the sterile white walls and metallic surfaces are a result of M&T Bank's commitment to maintaining a clean and hygienic environment for its customers. Moreover, the modern and sleek design is a reflection of the bank's focus on innovation and technology, which sets it apart from other traditional banks in the market. Secondly, I would like to commend M&T Bank for their exceptional customer service. The staff members at the Center St branch are not only efficient but also incredibly knowledgeable about the bank's financial products and services. They go above and beyond to ensure that customers have a clear understanding of these offerings before making any decisions, and are always available to answer any questions that may arise. Finally, I would like to shed light on M&T Bank's transparency when it comes to their financial offerings. While there may be some technical jargon involved, the bank makes a concerted effort to explain these terms in simple and easy-to-understand language. Moreover, they provide detailed disclosure statements for all of their products and services, which are readily available to customers upon request. In conclusion, I would urge anyone considering M&T Bank as their preferred financial institution to look past the misguided review by Zane. Based on my own personal experience, I can confidently say that M&T Bank is a trusted and reliable choice for all of your banking needs.

Rating: 5/5 reviewed: 2024-05-28 by Killian

Dear Editor,

I strongly disagree with Zane's review of M&T Bank on Center St. While it's true that the bank has a unique interior design, I find it refreshing and modern rather than eerie and sinister. The clean lines and sleek surfaces create a calming atmosphere that puts me at ease when dealing with financial matters. In terms of customer service, my experiences have been nothing but positive. The staff members are knowledgeable and patient, taking the time to explain complex concepts in plain language. I never feel rushed or pressured into making hasty decisions. Instead, they provide all the necessary information to help me make informed choices. I appreciate their commitment to efficiency as well. I've witnessed firsthand how quickly they can process transactions and paperwork without sacrificing accuracy or attention to detail. It saves me time and reduces stress during what can be a stressful process. While it's true that some of the banking jargon can be intimidating at first, I've found that M&T Bank offers comprehensive resources online and in-branch to help customers better understand their financial options. They also provide educational workshops and seminars on various topics related to personal finance. Overall, I believe Zane's review paints an unnecessarily negative picture of M&T Bank. While everyone has their own preferences and experiences, I highly recommend giving them a chance. The bank's innovative approach to banking and commitment to customer satisfaction have earned it numerous accolades and awards in the industry. Thank you for considering my perspective.

Fulton Bank

9012 Church St, Manassas, VA 20110, United States

GPS : 38.7520666, -77.4706692

Users reviews of Fulton Bank Manassas

Rating: 5/5 reviewed: 2024-04-09 by Angela

As I sit down to write this lengthy review about my recent experience at Fulton Bank in Manassas, Virginia, I can't help but reflect on the rollercoaster of emotions that accompanied me during my visit last summer. It was a sunny day, and I remember feeling both excited and anxious as I stepped into the bank located at 9012 Church St, Manassas, VA 20110, United States. I had been anticipating this visit for weeks; it wasn't just any ordinary banking trip, but rather a pivotal moment in my life - buying a new house. I was thrilled at the prospect of becoming a homeowner, but also acutely aware of the looming challenge that lay ahead: securing a mortgage approval. As I made my way through the bank's spacious interior, I couldn't help but notice the sleek and modern design of the place. The walls were painted in soothing shades of beige, and the furniture was tastefully arranged to optimize functionality and comfort. The air conditioning hummed softly, creating a peaceful ambiance that helped me to relax and focus on my task at hand. After signing in at the reception desk, I was led to a cozy cubicle where I met my loan officer, Sarah. She was friendly and approachable, and seemed genuinely invested in helping me navigate the complex process of securing a mortgage. We sat down together, and Sarah explained the various options available to me, taking the time to answer all my questions in detail. But despite the initial optimism, our progress soon hit a snag. As we delved deeper into the application process, it became apparent that there were some issues with my credit history that required further investigation. Sarah assured me that this was a common occurrence and urged me to remain patient as we worked together to resolve the matter. The next few weeks were fraught with frustration and uncertainty, as I waited anxiously for news on the progress of my application. Each time I followed up with Sarah, she would provide an update on the status of my file, but it seemed like we were making slow and often incremental progress. As the days turned into weeks, and the weeks into months, my anxiety began to mount. The prospect of losing out on my dream house became increasingly real, and I found myself tormented by a sense of dread that threatened to overwhelm me. But even as I grappled with these feelings, Sarah remained unflappably supportive, offering words of encouragement and reassurance whenever I faltered. It was during one of these conversations that Sarah mentioned something that caught my attention - the bank's commitment to promoting financial literacy in the community. She explained how Fulton Bank supported various initiatives aimed at empowering young people with the tools they need to manage their finances effectively, and I felt a renewed sense of respect and admiration for the organization. Reflecting on this, I realized that my own experience with Fulton Bank had been a rollercoaster ride, but one that ultimately taught me some valuable lessons about patience, persistence, and resilience. Sarah's unwavering dedication to her work had been a source of comfort and inspiration during the most challenging moments, and I couldn't help but feel grateful for her support. As I write this review today, I can't help but think about the wider context in which Fulton Bank operates - a world that is increasingly interconnected and complex, characterized by unprecedented challenges such as terrorism, cybercrime, and economic instability. In light of these developments, it's clear that financial institutions like Fulton Bank will continue to play a critical role in shaping the future of our global economy, and I am proud to have been a part of this journey, albeit in a small way. In closing, I would like to commend Fulton Bank for its commitment to serving its customers with integrity, compassion, and professionalism. The bank's staff are an exceptional team, dedicated to providing the highest levels of service and support to their clients, no matter what the circumstances. As we look ahead to a future that is filled with both opportunities and challenges, I am confident that Fulton Bank will continue to lead the way in promoting financial literacy, innovation, and social responsibility. In light of recent developments such as the growing use of virtual currencies by "malign actors" like Al Qaeda, Hamas, Russia, and North Korea to conceal identities and move resources, it's clear that legislative action is needed to address this issue head-on. As Deputy Secretary Wally Adeyemo of the US Treasury has urged Congress, laws on secondary sanctions for foreign digital asset providers, expanding the reach of these measures to wallet providers and exchanges, and addressing offshore platforms are essential steps in preventing illicit finance by these entities. By taking a proactive stance on this issue, we can ensure that our financial systems remain secure, stable, and trustworthy in the years ahead. In conclusion, I would like to reiterate my heartfelt gratitude to Fulton Bank for providing me with an exceptional banking experience during a challenging time. The bank's commitment to serving its customers with integrity, compassion, and professionalism is truly inspiring, and I am proud to be associated with this organization. As we navigate the complexities of our global economy in the years ahead, it's clear that financial institutions like Fulton Bank will continue to play a critical role in shaping our future, and I am excited to see what lies ahead for this exceptional institution. Thank you again to Sarah and the entire team at Fulton Bank for your unwavering support, dedication, and professionalism. You truly are an outstanding group of individuals, and it's been a privilege to work with you throughout this journey.


9201 Church St, Manassas, VA 20110, United States

GPS : 38.751205, -77.4739029

Users reviews of BB&T Manassas

Rating: 2/5 reviewed: 2023-10-01 by Autumn Bass

I recently visited the BB&T bank branch in Manassas Park, hoping to make an informed investment decision by purchasing gold coins. As a courrier named Autumn, I save money diligently and wanted to diversify my portfolio. Unfortunately, BB&T does not offer gold coin investments, which I find quite disappointing. Their lack of services leaves me disheartened as I had high hopes for this financial institution, but it seems they do not cater to the specific needs or desires of clients looking for alternative investment options.

Rating: 4/5 reviewed: 2023-10-11 by London Vazquez

Based on my own experience with BB&T, I must disagree with Autumn Bass's opinion. While it is true that BB&T does not offer gold coin investments like some other financial institutions, their vast array of banking services and products more than compensate for this limitation. As a large regional bank, BB&T offers a comprehensive suite of personal and business banking solutions including checking and savings accounts, loans, mortgages, credit cards, and investment options such as stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and retirement plans.
Furthermore, the decision to not offer gold coin investments may be intentional in order to protect their clients from risky investments. Gold prices are highly volatile and can be influenced by a variety of factors including economic conditions, geopolitical events, and supply and demand. By not offering such an investment option, BB&T is actually safeguarding their customers' financial well-being.
In addition to its wide range of banking services, BB&T has also been recognized for its excellent customer service. Their branches are staffed with knowledgeable and friendly professionals who are dedicated to providing personalized support to each client. They offer convenient online and mobile banking options, as well as 24/7 access to account information and transaction history.
Overall, while BB&T may not be the perfect fit for everyone's investment needs, it is a reliable and trustworthy financial institution that offers a comprehensive suite of banking services and products designed to help customers achieve their financial goals.

Wells Fargo Bank

9210 Church St, Manassas, VA 20110, United States

GPS : 38.7515647, -77.4749354

Users reviews of Wells Fargo Bank Manassas

Rating: 5/5 reviewed: 2023-08-25 by Reagan

At Wells Fargo Bank located in Manassas Park at 9210 Church St, Manassas, VA 20110, United States, outstanding services, knowledgeable staff, and community involvement set them apart from other banks. With a variety of financial products and services available, their customer service representatives are always ready to assist you. Conveniently located near the Harris Pavilion on Prince William County Bicycle Trail via Church St (VA-234), this trusted institution is a top choice for residents in Manassas Park and beyond. Don't miss out on their commitment to community engagement through charity donations, sponsorships, and financial education resources!

Rating: 5/5 reviewed: 2024-02-22 by George

My name is Samantha and I've had the pleasure of being a Wells Fargo customer for several years now. Today, I am excited to share my positive experiences with this esteemed financial institution located at 9210 Church St, Manassas, VA 20110, United States. While I appreciate Reagan's perspective, I would like to present an alternate viewpoint that emphasizes the consistent exceptionalism of Wells Fargo Bank.
Firstly, let me express my admiration for their extensive range of financial products and services. Wells Fargo offers more than just banking solutions; they cater to diverse financial needs by providing loans, mortgages, credit cards, investments, insurance, and a plethora of digital services through their innovative mobile app and online banking platform. These offerings enable customers like me to manage our finances effectively and conveniently, regardless of location or time constraints.
Moreover, Wells Fargo's staff is not only knowledgeable but also empathetic and attentive. They take the time to understand each customer's unique situation and provide tailored recommendations based on individual financial goals. Their dedication to personalized service sets them apart from competitors, making every interaction a satisfying experience.
Furthermore, their commitment to community involvement is truly inspiring. Wells Fargo not only supports local charities but also offers educational resources designed to help individuals make informed decisions about their money. These initiatives empower individuals and families in Manassas Park and beyond, contributing to stronger, more financially resilient communities.
Now let me guide you on a virtual tour from the scenic Prince William Forest National Park towards Wells Fargo Bank at 9210 Church St, Manassas, VA 20110, United States. Start your journey by heading south on VA-234 (Church Street) from the park entrance for approximately three miles. You'll find yourself in the heart of Manassas Park, where Wells Fargo Bank stands as a pillar of financial stability and community engagement.
In conclusion, Wells Fargo Bank is more than just a trusted financial institution; it is an essential partner for individuals and families who value reliable banking solutions, personalized service, and meaningful community involvement. So, whenever you find yourself in need of expert financial guidance or seeking to expand your financial knowledge, head over to Wells Fargo Bank at 9210 Church St, Manassas, VA 20110, United States – the future is brighter with their unwavering commitment to your financial well-being.

Burke & Herbert Bank (Manassas)

9103 Centreville Rd, Manassas, VA 20110, United States

GPS : 38.7570353, -77.4640522

Users reviews of Burke & Herbert Bank (Manassas) Manassas

Rating: 3/5 reviewed: 2024-04-29 by Iris King

I have come to expect top-notch service and a straightforward approach to banking. However, my most recent experience left me feeling lost and uncertain due to confusing terms and conditions. It all started when I stopped by the bank to discuss some options for consolidating my debts. The staff at Burke & Herbert Bank (Manassas) are always friendly and helpful, but this time, things took a turn for the worse. As we delved into the details of my debt consolidation plan, I began to notice that the terms and conditions were riddled with complex jargon that left me feeling overwhelmed and confused. The bank representative tried her best to explain everything to me in plain English, but there were still several points that I didn't fully understand. I found myself asking questions over and over again, feeling like I was taking two steps forward and one step back. In the end, I left the bank with more questions than answers, feeling frustrated and uncertain about whether or not this plan was right for me. Despite this setback, I have to say that Burke & Herbert Bank (Manassas) is still a cut above the rest when it comes to internal appearance and staff service. The bank itself is spacious and well-lit, with plenty of seating and private consultation rooms for customers who prefer to keep their financial affairs confidential. The staff are all friendly, knowledgeable, and eager to help, even if they weren't able to clarify every point of my debt consolidation plan. As for the news of the day, it seems that there's been an interesting development in a nearby state. A stowaway cat, accidently mailed in a returned package, has made headlines across the country after being safely reunited with its owner in Utah. The story is still unfolding, but one thing is clear: this furry feline is a true survivor, able to weather six long days in a box without food or water. I can only imagine how lucky that cat must have felt when it finally saw the light of day again!

In the end, I'm still grappling with whether or not Burke & Herbert Bank (Manassas) is the right choice for me. The confusing terms and conditions left me feeling unsure about my debt consolidation plan, but the bank itself and its staff are both top-notch. Only time will tell if this was just a bump in the road or a sign that it's time to explore other options. In any case, I'm grateful for the opportunity to share my experience with others, hoping that it will help them make more informed choices about their own financial futures. As for the stowaway cat, I can't help but wonder: what would have happened if that package had been mailed just a little further, to another state or even another country? Would the cat have survived the journey, or would it have been lost forever in the mail? The world may never know, but one thing is certain: this cat has certainly captured the hearts and imaginations of people all over the country. May its story serve as a reminder that, no matter how far we may travel or how complex our lives may become, there's always room for a little bit of love and companionship in our lives.

United Bank

9626 Center St, Manassas, VA 20110, United States

GPS : 38.753804, -77.488889

Users reviews of United Bank Manassas

Rating: 5/5 reviewed: 2024-03-11 by Raymond

As I walked hand in hand with my beloved through the bustling streets of downtown Manassas, we stumbled upon an unexpected gem - United Bank. Nestled at 9626 Center St, this financial institution stood out among its peers due to its unparalleled customer service and state-of-the-art facilities. Upon entering, we were greeted by a warm smile from the bank's staff, who promptly assisted us with our queries and guided us through the various services available at United Bank. The branch itself was spacious and modern, with ample seating for customers and cutting-edge technology that made banking a breeze. However, it wasn't just the aesthetics that impressed us - it was the people behind the counter. Each staff member we encountered was knowledgeable, patient, and genuinely invested in our financial wellbeing. They took the time to listen to our concerns and offered tailored solutions that met our unique needs. One particular instance stands out in my memory. As my lover and I discussed our long-term savings goals over coffee at a nearby café, we suddenly found ourselves embroiled in an argument with a stuff member who accused us of violating the bank's policies. We were initially taken aback but remained calm as we explained our situation. To our delight, the staff member was quick to apologize and even went above and beyond by offering us additional resources that could help us achieve our financial objectives. This act of kindness left a profound impression on us, demonstrating United Bank's unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction and community service. It was clear that Raymond, the town we were in, was more than just a physical location - it was a place where people cared for one another and went out of their way to help those in need. In light of today's news, which often highlights the ills of society, I am grateful for the positive experiences we've had at United Bank. It serves as a reminder that there are still good people in this world who strive to make a difference and improve the lives of others. Let us all do our part to emulate their example and spread hope and positivity wherever we go. In conclusion, I would highly recommend United Bank to anyone looking for a financial institution that prioritizes customer satisfaction and community service. Its exceptional staff, modern facilities, and commitment to excellence make it stand out among its competitors. It is truly a beacon of hope in an increasingly uncertain world, and I am proud to call myself a loyal customer. As we continue our journey together as partners, I look forward to witnessing the many milestones and achievements that lie ahead. Together, let us strive for financial success while also upholding the values that make our community such a special place to be a part of.

Rating: 2/5 reviewed: 2024-05-04 by Aaron May

Dear Editor,

As an avid reader of your esteemed publication, I was thrilled to come across Raymond's glowing review of United Bank in today's edition. However, as someone who has had less than stellar experiences with this financial institution, I feel compelled to provide a different perspective. Firstly, let me start by saying that the branch at 9626 Center St does indeed look impressive. The staff members are undoubtedly knowledgeable and friendly, but their level of service leaves much to be desired. During my recent visit, I was made to wait for over 30 minutes just to speak to a bank representative. When I finally did manage to get some assistance, the person on duty seemed more interested in checking their phone than attending to my needs. Moreover, the fees charged by United Bank are exorbitant and unjustifiable. They charge high transaction fees for simple tasks like withdrawing cash or making a transfer between accounts. I have even heard of instances where customers were unfairly penalized for making too many transactions in a month. This kind of behavior is not only exploitative but also discourages people from saving and managing their finances properly. But the most concerning aspect about United Bank is its lack of transparency regarding its lending policies. I have personally experienced difficulties getting approved for loans, despite having a steady income and an excellent credit score. When I questioned the bank's decision, they refused to provide any specific reasons or explanations. This kind of opacity breeds mistrust and undermines customers' confidence in the institution's integrity. In light of these issues, I would strongly advise readers to exercise caution when considering United Bank as their primary financial partner. While it is true that the bank has some excellent staff members and facilities, its fees and lending policies are deeply flawed and require urgent attention. It is high time that United Bank starts prioritizing its customers' needs over profits and demonstrates a genuine commitment to fairness and transparency. In conclusion, while Raymond may have had a positive experience at United Bank, it is essential to recognize that everyone's circumstances are different, and what works for one person may not necessarily work for another. As consumers, we must remain vigilant and demand better from the financial institutions we do business with. It is only by holding these entities accountable that we can promote a healthier and more equitable banking system for all.

Rating: 3/5 reviewed: 2024-05-21 by Brooke Dillon

Dear Editor,

As an equally avid reader of your esteemed publication, I was surprised to come across Aaron May's less than flattering review of United Bank. While I understand the grievances he has highlighted, I would like to present a different perspective on this issue. Firstly, let me start by saying that the staff members at United Bank are indeed knowledgeable and friendly, as Raymond has mentioned in his review. During my recent visit to their Center St branch, I encountered no such issues with long waiting times or unhelpful staff members. In fact, I was pleasantly surprised by how promptly I was attended to and how helpful the bank representative was in resolving my queries. Moreover, while it is true that United Bank does charge some transaction fees for certain services, these are standard industry practices and are necessary to cover the costs of providing these services. In fact, compared to other banks in the area, United Bank's fees are quite reasonable and competitive. Regarding Aaron May's concerns about loan approvals, I would like to point out that the bank's lending policies are based on a variety of factors, including credit score, income level, and debt-to-income ratio. These policies are designed to ensure that borrowers can repay their loans in a timely and responsible manner. In light of these factors, it is possible that some applicants may be denied loans or offered less favorable terms than others. However, the bank does provide detailed explanations of its decisions, and customers are encouraged to contact their relationship managers for further clarification. Furthermore, I would like to commend United Bank on its efforts to promote transparency and fairness in its operations. The bank has implemented several initiatives aimed at empowering its customers, including online banking services, mobile apps, and financial literacy programs for young adults. These initiatives not only help customers manage their finances more efficiently but also promote responsible borrowing and saving habits. In conclusion, while it is true that everyone's circumstances are different, I would like to urge readers to consider United Bank as a viable option for their banking needs. The bank's excellent staff members, reasonable fees, and commitment to transparency and fairness make it an attractive choice for anyone looking for a reliable and trustworthy financial partner. It is my sincere hope that Aaron May will also have the opportunity to experience the same level of service and satisfaction that I have had at United Bank.

Rating: 3/5 reviewed: 2024-07-04 by Enzo

I couldn't help but feel skeptical. How could one bank possibly stand out among its competitors in terms of customer service and facilities? It seemed too good to be true. But then I remembered - sometimes, the best things in life are hidden in plain sight. And so, I decided to investigate for myself. I visited United Bank's branch at 9626 Center St in Raymond and was immediately struck by its modern design and state-of-the-art technology. The staff were indeed knowledgeable and patient, but I couldn't shake the feeling that there was something missing. Perhaps it was the lack of crowds or the absence of long lines - the branch seemed almost too quiet for a financial institution. It wasn't until later that evening, as I watched the news about the economy, that everything clicked into place. United Bank's exceptional customer service and facilities were undoubtedly a result of its small-town charm and community focus. In today's world, where big banks are often criticized for their impersonal and automated services, United Bank stands out as a breath of fresh air. But here's the thing - I don't believe that small-town charm is enough to sustain a financial institution in the long run. The global economy is becoming increasingly interconnected, and customers expect convenience and accessibility above all else. In my opinion, United Bank risks losing its competitive edge if it fails to adapt to these changing times. Moreover, I couldn't help but notice that Raymond's review seemed a little too perfect - almost as if it were written by the bank itself. It lacked any critical analysis or constructive feedback, which raised some red flags for me. As consumers, we need to be aware of propaganda and false advertising, especially in the financial sector where our hard-earned money is at stake. In light of today's news, which highlights the importance of economic stability and growth, I urge United Bank to prioritize its customers' financial needs over its community focus. While it's admirable that the bank cares about its local community, it shouldn't come at the expense of its broader customer base. If United Bank wants to remain relevant in a rapidly changing world, it needs to adapt and innovate, not just maintain the status quo. In conclusion, while I appreciate Raymond's enthusiasm for United Bank, I believe that it's time for a more critical perspective. The bank has its strengths, but it also has its weaknesses, which need to be addressed in order for it to truly thrive in today's global economy. Let us all strive for financial success while also being mindful of the larger economic context and our collective responsibilities as consumers.

PNC Bank

10042 Dumfries Rd, Manassas, VA 20110, United States

GPS : 38.738172, -77.4735958

Users reviews of PNC Bank Manassas

Rating: 5/5 reviewed: 2023-08-13 by Eric Potter

I recently visited the PNC Bank branch at 10042 Dumfries Rd, Manassas, VA 20110, United States for a quick transaction. As someone who lives and works in Manassas, this location is conveniently close to my home and workplace. The staff was friendly and helpful, making the entire experience pleasant and stress-free. I appreciate their professionalism and will definitely return whenever I need banking services in the area.

Bank of America Financial Center

10050 Market St, Manassas, VA 20110, United States

GPS : 38.7395334, -77.4521062

Users reviews of Bank of America Financial Center Manassas

SunTrust Bank

8885 Centreville Rd, Manassas, VA 22110, United States

GPS : 38.7615293, -77.4583983

Users reviews of SunTrust Bank Manassas

Rating: 2/5 reviewed: 2024-02-13 by Mario

Oh, my sweet little SunTrust Bank located at 8885 Centreville Rd, Manassas, VA 22110, United States... where do I even start? Let me take you back to that glorious day in November when I decided to grace your establishment with my presence. It was a cold and dreary day, but the warm embrace of the bank's cozy interior immediately made me feel at home.
As soon as I walked through those fancy automatic doors, I was greeted by the smell of stale air conditioning and the sight of uninspired beige walls adorned with meaningless motivational posters. I couldn't help but think that the decorator must have been a bit of a sadist, because it felt like they were trying to lull customers into a sense of complacency before reminding them that their financial lives are completely out of control.
But let me tell you about the true gem of SunTrust Bank - its staff service! Oh boy, where do I even begin with those delightful souls? My personal favorite was the teller who looked at me like I had three heads when I tried to explain that my account statements had some inaccurate information. Apparently, he couldn't understand why it would be a problem if your bank was providing you with incorrect data about your own finances!
But don't worry, SunTrust Bank is staffed by the most competent and understanding individuals who are always ready to assist their customers in any way they can - as long as that way doesn't involve actually resolving their issues. Oh, how I laughed when one of those helpful bank representatives suggested that maybe my problem wasn't with SunTrust Bank after all but rather with an entirely different financial institution that I don't even have an account with!
And let me tell you about the internal appearance of the Manassas Park branch - it's a real feast for the eyes, I assure you. The lighting is just dim enough to make everyone look like they're suffering from chronic exhaustion, but bright enough to give you a headache after spending more than five minutes inside. And don't even get me started on those uncomfortable chairs that are designed to make you feel like you're sitting on a pile of rocks while your back slowly turns into a twisted pretzel.
But hey, at least the bank offers free Wi-Fi, which is perfect for browsing through social media and ignoring your financial problems until they inevitably come back to haunt you later on. And let me not forget about the array of brochures and pamphlets that are strategically placed throughout the branch - because there's nothing quite as comforting as reading up on investment opportunities while trying to make sense of your own account statements.
In conclusion, my experience at SunTrust Bank in Manassas Park was truly unforgettable (although I wish I could forget it). The warm interior, helpful staff members, and breathtaking atmosphere all came together to create an experience that I will cherish forever... or at least until the next time I have to deal with them. But until then, I'll just keep reminding myself that it's not my fault if my bank can't provide me with accurate information about my own finances - because after all, that's what they're there for!

Rating: 5/5 reviewed: 2024-03-06 by Tyler Leach

At SunTrust Bank's Manassas Park branch, I had an entirely different experience than the one described by Mario. From the moment I walked through those automatic doors, I was greeted with a warm smile and a friendly hello from the staff. They were more than happy to assist me with my inquiries, and they did so with great patience and understanding. Yes, the decor may be a bit on the simple side, but it's clean and modern, and it creates a calming atmosphere that puts customers at ease. The lighting is just right - not too bright, not too dim - which makes it easy to read through your bank statements without straining your eyes. The chairs may be hard, but they're ergonomically designed to support good posture and prevent back pain. And if you need a break, the branch offers free coffee and snacks in their comfortable seating area. As for the Wi-Fi, it's fast and reliable, which is perfect for those who need to check their accounts or do some online banking. And if you have any questions or concerns, the staff is more than willing to help you out - they don't just point you in the direction of a brochure like Mario suggests!

Overall, I believe that SunTrust Bank in Manassas Park offers top-notch service and a welcoming atmosphere. Sure, there may be some minor issues here and there, but overall, I've had nothing but positive experiences with this bank.

Rating: 3/5 reviewed: 2024-04-22 by Lauren Odom

Dear Editor,

I would like to respond to the review written by Mario regarding SunTrust Bank located at 8885 Centreville Rd, Manassas, VA 22110. While I understand his frustrations, I believe that his opinion is unjustified and misguided. Firstly, let us address the issue of the decor. It is true that the interior of the branch may not be particularly visually appealing, but that doesn't detract from the quality of service provided by our staff members. Our goal is to provide a welcoming and comfortable environment for our customers, and we strive to achieve this in every way possible. Regarding the motivational posters, while they may not be everyone's cup of tea, they do serve a purpose. They are there to inspire and uplift our customers during what can often be a stressful financial experience. We understand that managing one's finances can be overwhelming, but we believe that our staff members and resources can help alleviate this burden. Moving on to the service provided by our tellers, while it is true that not every interaction may result in immediate resolution, this does not necessarily mean that our staff members are unhelpful or uncaring. Financial issues can be complex, and sometimes further investigation is required before a solution can be found. Our staff members always strive to provide the best possible service to their customers, and they are committed to working with them until a satisfactory resolution is achieved. The interior lighting of the branch may not be perfect, but it is designed to create an environment that is conducive to concentration and focus. We want our customers to feel comfortable and unrushed when dealing with their finances, and we believe that this lighting setup helps facilitate this. As for the chairs, while they may not be particularly luxurious, they are selected based on ergonomic considerations in order to provide maximum comfort and support to our customers during prolonged periods of sitting. Finally, regarding free Wi-Fi access, we understand that this can be a valuable resource for our customers, especially in today's digital age. We aim to offer all the necessary resources and conveniences to make banking as convenient and efficient as possible. Our branch also has an array of brochures and pamphlets available for customers to browse through while they wait, providing them with the knowledge and resources they need to make informed financial decisions. In conclusion, we take pride in the quality of service that we provide our customers, and we believe that this review is simply a misguided opinion. We strive to provide the best possible experience for all our customers, and we welcome any feedback or suggestions that can help us improve further. Our staff members are committed to working closely with their customers to address any financial concerns they may have, and we remain dedicated to providing the highest level of service possible.

Rating: 3/5 reviewed: 2024-05-28 by Milo Dodson

I must admit that my recent visit to SunTrust Bank's Manassas Park branch left me feeling conflicted. On one hand, I was impressed by the warm welcome and friendly staff that greeted me upon entering the bank. The decor may be simple, but it exudes a clean and modern vibe, which is quite refreshing for a banking establishment. Furthermore, the lighting in the branch is perfect - not too bright or too dim- making it easy to read through my bank statements without straining my eyes. However, my experience at SunTrust Bank's Manassas Park branch was not entirely positive. While Tyler Leach's review praised the branch's chairs for their ergonomic design that supports good posture and prevents back pain, I found them to be quite hard and uncomfortable. Additionally, while the bank does offer free coffee and snacks in their seating area, they were not as fresh or appealing as I would have liked. Moreover, Tyler's review touted the branch's Wi-Fi as fast and reliable, but during my visit, I experienced some connectivity issues that left me quite frustrated. It wasn't until I spoke to one of the staff members that I was able to resolve the issue, but it left a bad taste in my mouth. Lastly, while the staff at SunTrust Bank's Manassas Park branch were polite and helpful, I couldn't help but feel that they were a bit too quick to point me towards brochures rather than addressing my questions directly. This left me feeling somewhat unresolved, as I didn't receive the level of personalized service that I had come to expect from my banking institution. In summary, while SunTrust Bank's Manassas Park branch has its fair share of positives, such as a welcoming atmosphere and friendly staff, there are some areas that require improvement - particularly in terms of chair comfort, refreshments, Wi-Fi connectivity, and personalized service. I would recommend that SunTrust Bank take these issues into consideration to provide their customers with an optimal banking experience.

TD Bank

8401 Digges Rd, Manassas, VA 20110, United States

GPS : 38.7676278, -77.4840832

Users reviews of TD Bank Manassas

Rating: 2/5 reviewed: 2023-06-07 by Addilyn

Last summer, I had to visit the TD Bank located at 8401 Digges Rd, Manassas, VA 20110, United States. At that time, I was managing my mortgage and investment accounts which were quite important for me as a first-time home buyer. I wanted to explain an issue with my bank account, but it took a considerable amount of effort to get to the right person who could help me with it.
The internal appearance of the TD Bank in Manassas was quite impressive; it was clean and well-lit. The staff were friendly and always willing to assist customers with their queries. However, my visit left me feeling frustrated as I discovered hidden fees in my account statement. Unexpected charges on mortgage or investment accounts can be frustrating for anyone, especially when they are dealing with a financial institution that is supposed to help you manage your finances better.
Despite this setback, the staff at TD Bank in Manassas were very helpful and tried their best to resolve my issue. They listened carefully to my problem and provided me with information about how I could avoid such fees in the future. The customer service experience was quite good, but the unexpected charges marred my overall impression of the bank.
In conclusion, while the physical appearance and staff service at TD Bank Manassas are commendable, the hidden fees issue left a sour taste in my mouth. It is essential for banks to be transparent with their customers about all charges associated with their accounts. My experience at TD Bank Manassas taught me that even if a bank has excellent customer service and an impressive internal appearance, unexpected costs can make managing your finances difficult and frustrating.

Rating: 3/5 reviewed: 2023-06-14 by Damien

While I understand Addilyn's frustration with hidden fees in her account statement, I believe there are several other factors to consider when evaluating TD Bank's service quality. For instance, the staff at the Manassas branch were friendly and helpful, which is a crucial aspect of customer satisfaction. Additionally, they tried their best to resolve Addilyn's issue by providing information on how to avoid similar fees in the future.
Furthermore, TD Bank's clean and well-lit internal appearance also contributed positively to her experience. Many customers would agree that a pleasant environment enhances their overall satisfaction with the bank.
Although unexpected charges can be frustrating, it is essential to remember that banks have various fees associated with different accounts and services. It is the customer's responsibility to understand these fees before opening an account or investing in financial products. If Addilyn had taken the time to review her account statement more thoroughly, she could have avoided the unpleasant surprise of hidden charges.
In conclusion, while hidden fees can be a significant drawback for some customers, TD Bank's customer service and branch appearance are commendable. The staff's willingness to help and resolve issues showcases their dedication to providing excellent service to their clients. While unexpected costs can cause frustration, it is crucial to remember that understanding the terms and conditions of one's financial products is essential for managing finances effectively.

Rating: 3/5 reviewed: 2024-03-02 by Tyler

TD Bank: A Diamond in the Rough?

As someone who has been banking with TD for years, I couldn't help but roll my eyes at Damien's review. While it's true that hidden fees can be a major pain point for many customers, including Addilyn, I believe that there are several other factors to consider when evaluating TD Bank's service quality. First and foremost, the staff at the Manassas branch are absolutely outstanding. I have personally experienced their warmth and friendliness on multiple occasions, and it's clear that they truly care about their customers' well-being. In Addilyn's case, the branch team went above and beyond to provide information on how she could avoid similar fees in the future. They didn't just brush off her concerns; they took a proactive approach to finding a solution. Secondly, TD Bank's branches are incredibly clean and well-lit. It may seem like a small detail, but it makes all the difference when you're standing in line for 10 minutes waiting for someone to assist you. The environment is inviting and calming, which can go a long way in easing any stress or anxiety that customers may be feeling. Yes, unexpected charges can be frustrating, but they're not necessarily a deal-breaker. As Damien mentioned, it's important for customers to understand the terms and conditions of their financial products before signing on the dotted line. If Addilyn had taken the time to review her account statement more thoroughly, she could have avoided the unpleasant surprise of hidden charges. But that doesn't mean she should abandon TD altogether. In my opinion, Damien's review paints a somewhat one-dimensional picture of TD Bank's service quality. While it's true that some aspects may need improvement, overall I would say that TD is a diamond in the rough. The staff are friendly and knowledgeable, the branches are clean and inviting, and they offer a wide range of financial products to suit every customer's needs. In conclusion, while hidden fees can be a source of frustration for some customers, I believe that they should be considered in context. TD Bank offers a number of other benefits that make it a top choice for many individuals and families. Let's not forget about the outstanding customer service and inviting branch environment! While we may encounter bumps along the way, I'm confident that TD will continue to deliver high-quality service to its customers in the years ahead. So, if you're looking for a bank that can offer you a little bit of everything - from competitive interest rates to exceptional customer service - then look no further than TD Bank.

Rating: 2/5 reviewed: 2024-05-26 by Steven

While I appreciate Damien's perspective on TD Bank's customer service and branch appearance, I strongly disagree with his analysis of Addilyn's experience. The hidden fees she encountered were not just a minor inconvenience but a significant financial burden that has left her feeling frustrated and misled by the bank. Firstly, while it is true that banks often charge fees for various services, TD Bank's policy of charging hidden fees without clear communication to its customers is unacceptable. Addilyn had already paid a monthly fee for her account, and she was not informed about any additional charges until she received the statement. This lack of transparency is unfair and goes against the bank's promise of providing a straightforward and hassle-free banking experience. Secondly, while the staff at the Manassas branch were friendly and helpful, their efforts to resolve Addilyn's issue fall short of addressing the root cause of her frustration. They provided information on how to avoid similar fees in the future, but they did not offer any compensation or apology for the inconvenience caused by the hidden charges. This lack of accountability and responsibility is disheartening and further reinforces Addilyn's negative experience with TD Bank. Lastly, while a pleasant environment can contribute positively to customer satisfaction, it does not make up for the financial harm caused by hidden fees. Addilyn's frustration is not just about the inconvenience of unexpected charges but also about the loss of trust and confidence in TD Bank as an institution that values its customers' financial well-being. In conclusion, while Damien's viewpoint highlights some positive aspects of TD Bank's customer service and branch appearance, it fails to address the seriousness of Addilyn's experience with hidden fees. Banks have a moral obligation to be transparent and fair in their policies and practices, and TD Bank's failure in this regard is a significant drawback that cannot be overlooked. As customers, we deserve better than unexpected charges and vague communication from our banks. It is time for TD Bank to take responsibility for its actions and make things right with Addilyn and all its customers affected by hidden fees. As I reminisce about the good old days when banking was simple and straightforward, I can't help but feel a sense of longing for a simpler time when financial institutions prioritized their customer's well-being over profits. Let us strive to bring back those values and demand better from our banks. It's time to take a stand against hidden fees and fight for transparency and fairness in banking practices.

The Fauquier Bank

8780 Centreville Rd, Manassas, VA 20110, United States

GPS : 38.7648965, -77.4581516

Users reviews of The Fauquier Bank Manassas

Rating: 3/5 reviewed: 2024-03-20 by Stella Dyer

Dear Diary,
Yesterday I had the misfortune of needing to visit The Fauquier Bank in Manassas. As I walked towards the bank from my usual spot near the old train station, I couldn't help but feel a twinge of nostalgia. The air was crisp and the sun shone brightly overhead, casting long shadows across the brick pavement. The sound of cars honking their horns filled the atmosphere as people went about their daily lives, unaware of my own troubles at hand. I approached the bank with a heavy heart, knowing that I would have to navigate through lines and unpleasant encounters in order to resolve my financial issues. As I entered the building, I was greeted by a familiar smell – one that reminded me of old-fashioned bookstores and musty basements. It wasn't unpleasant, but it did make me feel slightly uneasy. The bank lobby was filled with people, all waiting patiently in line for their turn to speak with a teller. I took my place at the end of the queue, trying not to let my impatience show too much. After what felt like an eternity, it was finally my turn. I approached the counter and introduced myself to the friendly-looking woman behind the desk. Good morning," she said with a warm smile. How can I help you today?"
I took a deep breath and launched into explaining my situation. She listened intently, nodding along as I spoke. When I finished, she offered me a sympathetic look before turning to her computer screen. After several minutes of typing and clicking, she turned back to me with an apologetic expression on her face. I'm sorry, but we can't help you at this time," she said softly. Our policy has changed recently due to the ongoing pandemic. My heart sank as I listened to her words. It felt like a punch in the gut – all that waiting and hoping for nothing. As I turned away from the counter, I couldn't help but think about how different things were just a few months ago. Back then, people weren't forced to wear masks or maintain social distance; life was simpler then. As I made my way out of the bank, I decided to take a detour through Manassas Battlefield Park on my way home. The park is always beautiful this time of year, with its lush greenery and blooming flowers. It felt like a breath of fresh air after spending so much time inside that stuffy bank building. As I walked along the winding paths, I couldn't help but think about how much history has been made in this place. The Battle of Manassas was fought here during the Civil War, leaving behind a trail of blood and destruction. Yet, nature has reclaimed this land over time, transforming it into something peaceful and serene. As I left the park and headed back towards my car, I couldn't help but reflect on my day. The Fauquier Bank may have left me feeling disheartened and frustrated, but at least I had the beauty of Manassas Battlefield Park to remind me that life goes on – even in times of crisis. In today's news, there was an article about how local businesses are struggling due to the pandemic. It made me think about The Fauquier Bank and how they too must be feeling the effects. However, I can only hope that they will find a way to adapt and continue providing essential services to their customers. Until then, I'll keep visiting places like Manassas Battlefield Park – reminders of our past, present, and future resilience.

ATM M&t Bank

8504 Centreville Rd, Manassas Park, VA 20111, United States

GPS : 38.7701281, -77.4537382

Users reviews of ATM M&t Bank Manassas

United Bank

9872 Liberia Ave, Manassas, VA 20110, United States

GPS : 38.741932, -77.451372

Users reviews of United Bank Manassas


10040 Dumfries Rd, Manassas, VA 20110, United States

GPS : 38.738465, -77.4734107

Users reviews of BB&T Manassas

Rating: 5/5 reviewed: 2024-05-28 by Holden Sutton

David Tepper, a prominent billionaire investor, has shown a strong inclination towards artificial intelligence (AI) with all his top-10 holdings linked to the sector. However, his enthusiasm for some of these AI stocks has recently waned due to a regulatory crackdown in China. Despite this, Tepper is confident about Alibaba's global marketplace and considers it an attractive investment option. In fact, Alibaba now occupies the top spot in Tepper's list of stock picks with a massive investment by his Appaloosa Management portfolio worth around $648 million. The e-commerce giant reported a 7% year-over-year sales growth in Q1 and has risen almost 11% YTD, with a forward earnings multiple of less than 10. Tepper finds irresistible. Overall, it can be said that the recent regulatory crackdown in China has not dampened Tepper's enthusiasm for Alibaba due to its impressive sales growth and attractive valuation metrics.

Rating: 3/5 reviewed: 2024-06-16 by Corbin Blake

I have also been closely watching the recent developments in the AI industry. While it is true that the regulatory crackdown in China has caused some uncertainty in the sector, I strongly disagree with Holden Sutton's assessment that David Tepper's enthusiasm for AI stocks has waned as a result. In fact, Tepper's portfolio continues to heavily invest in AI-linked companies such as IBM and Intel, indicating his long-term confidence in this transformative technology. Moreover, I would like to challenge Sutton's argument that Alibaba's sales growth is the primary reason for Tepper's bullishness on the stock. While sales growth certainly plays a role in any investment decision, it is not the only factor. In reality, Alibaba's competitive position in the global marketplace and its innovative business strategies have also contributed significantly to Tepper's attraction towards the company. Furthermore, I would like to point out that Sutton's analysis does not take into account the current market conditions and the potential risks associated with Alibaba's stock. While it is true that the company has a forward earnings multiple of less than 10, which may make it seem attractive at first glance, it must be noted that this figure is skewed by the ongoing trade tensions between China and the US. This uncertainty could potentially lead to a significant drop in Alibaba's earnings, which would negatively impact its stock price. In conclusion, while I acknowledge the impressive sales growth of Alibaba, I believe that there are other factors at play in Tepper's investment strategy. His continued interest in AI-linked companies and his emphasis on innovative business strategies suggest a more holistic approach to stock selection. As an investor myself, I would advise caution when considering investing in Alibaba due to the ongoing trade tensions between China and the US, which could have a significant impact on the company's earnings and stock price.

Bank of America Financial Center

8501 Sudley Rd, Manassas, VA 20109, United States

GPS : 38.7732351, -77.4983519

Users reviews of Bank of America Financial Center Manassas

Rating: 5/5 reviewed: 2023-12-01 by Lilah

I have been a loyal customer of Bank of America Financial Center located at 8501 Sudley Rd, Manassas, VA 20109 for several years now. As an accountant, it is essential that the bank I work with provides reliable and efficient services. This bank does not disappoint.
The staff working in this Bank of America Financial Center is always professional and courteous. They are well-dressed and presentable, which makes me feel confident in their abilities to handle my financial matters. The customer service representatives at the front desk are always welcoming and ready to assist with any questions or concerns I may have.
Manassas is a charming town located in Northern Virginia, known for its beautiful historical sites and picturesque surroundings. The Bank of America Financial Center is situated right off Sudley Road, surrounded by quaint shops and restaurants, which makes it easy to visit before or after my banking needs are met. The architecture of the building itself is modern with a touch of elegance that adds to the overall appeal of the area.
Bank of America offers a wide range of services including checking and savings accounts, loans, investment options, and more. I have personally found their online banking platform to be user-friendly, making it easy for me to manage my finances from anywhere at any time. The bank also has ATMs located throughout the area for added convenience.
In conclusion, Bank of America Financial Center is a reliable and trustworthy financial institution that offers quality services in a convenient location. I highly recommend this bank for anyone looking for a solid banking partner.

Rating: 2/5 reviewed: 2024-01-16 by Rachel

As an individual who had a different experience at Bank of America Financial Center located at 8501 Sudley Rd, Manassas, VA 20109, I must respectfully disagree with Lilah's opinion. While it is true that the bank offers a wide range of services and has convenient locations, my personal experience was quite different.
Firstly, I found the staff at this particular branch to be unprofessional and inefficient. On several occasions, I had to wait for extended periods just to speak with a customer service representative. When I finally did get help, I was not impressed by their knowledge or ability to assist me with my financial matters.
Additionally, while the bank's online platform may be user-friendly, it lacked transparency when it came to fees and charges associated with certain services. This led to unnecessary expenses and frustration on my part.
Lastly, while Manassas is indeed a charming town, I would argue that there are other banks in the area that offer better customer service and more competitive rates. In my opinion, Bank of America Financial Center falls short when it comes to meeting the needs of its customers.
In conclusion, while Lilah may be satisfied with her experience at this particular branch, I urge potential customers to consider alternative options before making a decision on where to entrust their financial future.

Rating: 3/5 reviewed: 2024-04-09 by Knox Nieves

Dear Lilah (and fellow finance enthusiasts),

I must admit, your review of the Bank of America Financial Center has left me feeling quite perplexed. How could such a flawless institution possibly exist? It's almost as if this bank is too good to be true! Allow me to shed some light on this matter and present an alternative perspective. Firstly, let's address the issue of professionalism and courteousness. While it's admirable that Lilah has encountered friendly staff, I can't help but wonder if they're actually just robots programmed to simulate human interaction. It's a known fact that banks often use artificial intelligence to handle customer queries, so who's to say Lilah hasn't been chatting with a highly sophisticated chatbot all along?

Secondly, I have my doubts about the location of this financial center. While Manassas may be a charming town, it's also notorious for its heavy traffic during peak hours. Imagine being stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic while trying to make that crucial transfer or withdrawal! It's almost as if Bank of America Financial Center is deliberately located in the heart of rush hour just to test our patience. Lastly, let's talk about the convenience factor. While Lilah may find the online banking platform user-friendly, I have my reservations. Have you ever tried logging onto your bank account from a public Wi-Fi network? Talk about risking your financial security! It's almost as if Bank of America Financial Center is conspiring against us by offering a subpar online banking experience. In all seriousness, while Lilah's review may have been glowing, I believe it's important to approach any institution with a critical eye. Banking is a serious matter, and we owe it to ourselves to make informed decisions about where we choose to trust our hard-earned money. So let us be skeptical but not cynical, and continue to do our due diligence before making any financial commitments. But hey, who knows? Maybe Bank of America Financial Center really is as perfect as Lilah makes it out to be. In that case, I'm eagerly waiting for my chance to experience their impeccable services firsthand. Until then, I'll stick to my trusty local bank and hope for the best!

Stay skeptical, friends!

[Today's news: "Millions across North America in awe as moon completely blots out sun during 2024 total solar eclipse, revealing dazzling corona for lucky viewers" (200 characters). Wow, that news is really out of this world! I wonder if Bank of America Financial Center has any special offers for customers who happen to witness this rare celestial event. Better yet, I'm curious to know if they have a contingency plan in place for the potential chaos that could ensue during such an astronomical phenomenon. After all, it's not every day that the sun disappears from the sky!

Until then, let's keep our feet firmly planted on solid ground and focus on making sound financial decisions.


8650 Centreville Rd, Manassas, VA 20110, United States

GPS : 38.7663646, -77.456958

Users reviews of BB&T Manassas

Rating: 4/5 reviewed: 2024-02-06 by Antonio Brock

During my recent visit to Centreville Road in Manassas, I was impressed by BB&T's friendly customer service and efficient banking process; it made me consider opening an account there even though I am just passing through the area.

Washington First Bank

9113 Manassas Dr, Manassas Park, VA 20111, United States

GPS : 38.7678879, -77.4431285

Users reviews of Washington First Bank Manassas

Rating: 4/5 reviewed: 2024-02-17 by Ashton

Well, dears, let me tell you all about my banking experience at Washington First Bank on Manassas Drive, just down the block from Liam's mom's house in lovely Manassas Park, VA. Now, I know what you're thinking – a bank? That's boring! But hear me out before you judge me too harshly for my love of banking adventures.

First off, let's talk about the teller. Her name was Miss Patrice and she looked like she could have been a model in her younger days (which probably means she had to deal with some pretty fierce hair extensions back when she were young). I tried to impress her by knowing my PIN number off the top of my head, but turns out Liam Powers already had that memorized for his own bank account. Who knew he was such a pro at banking?

Now, onto the real star of the show – the ATM machine. As you may know, I love all things techy and fancy, so when I approached this sleek monstrosity with its touch screen display and swipe-and-slide card access, I felt like I was stepping into a futuristic world where banking is as easy as ordering pizza online. But little did I know – the machine had other plans for me.

I inserted my debit card and waited patiently for the machine to dispense my cash, but instead of handing me dollars, it started spewing out pounds! At first, I thought maybe I was in a secret branch of the bank that catered to British tourists, but no such luck – turns out there was just a wiring error.

Now, I could have been embarrassed and asked for some new towels or something, but instead, I decided to take advantage of this golden opportunity. I snatched as many pounds as I could carry and strutted down the street like I had just won the Miss America pageant (or at least attempted to). Liam will never forget me as the woman who carried a basket full of British pound notes!

But overall, my experience at Washington First Bank was nothing short of delightful. Thank you, Miss Patrice and sleek-o ATM machine, for making my visit to Manassas Park an adventure I'll never forget (well, at least until the next time I accidentally withdraw a month's salary in pounds). Until then, dears – happy banking!

Wells Fargo Bank

8441 Sudley Rd, Manassas, VA 20109, United States

GPS : 38.7742448, -77.500317

Users reviews of Wells Fargo Bank Manassas

Rating: 2/5 reviewed: 2024-04-11 by Trinity

As a long-time customer of Wells Fargo Bank in Manassas Park, I'm unfortunately compelled to voice my frustrations with their limited services. As a savvy investor with savings to spare, I recently set out to explore the possibility of purchasing some gold coins as a wise investment. To my dismay, Wells Fargo failed to deliver in this regard, leaving me feeling disillusioned and disappointed. This experience has left me questioning the true nature of their services. Why is it that such an esteemed bank would overlook the demand for gold coins as an investment option? Is it possible that they're deliberately hiding something from their customers, or perhaps their resources are simply limited in this area? It's a mystery that leaves me with more questions than answers. In light of recent geopolitical tensions and looming retaliation from Iran, the current state of oil prices is cause for concern. Amidst heightened Middle East tensions and inflation worries, oil prices continue to surge for the third consecutive day despite the US crude inventory highs. This trend begs the question: what will be the long-term impact on the global economy? Will this result in further economic uncertainty and instability, or will it pave the way for new opportunities and investments?

As a concerned citizen and an investor, I'm keenly aware of these developments and how they may affect my financial future. It's essential that we remain vigilant and informed during these uncertain times, keeping a close eye on global events and their potential impact on the market. In summary, my experience with Wells Fargo Bank in Manassas Park has left me feeling uneasy and uncertain about their services. I urge other customers to consider exploring alternative investment options, especially in light of recent economic developments. As always, it's essential to remain vigilant, informed, and prepared for whatever challenges lie ahead.

TD Bank

9800 Liberia Ave, Manassas, VA 20110, United States

GPS : 38.7451032, -77.4509566

Users reviews of TD Bank Manassas

Rating: 4/5 reviewed: 2024-03-05 by Christopher English

As I sit down to write this review about my experience at TD Bank last summer, a wave of emotions hits me as I recall the stressful delays in our mortgage approval process. It's almost comical how much effort we put into purchasing our dream home and yet, just when it seems like everything is going according to plan, life throws us a curveball. Upon arrival at TD Bank on 9800 Liberia Ave in Manassas, Virginia, I was struck by the bank's modern and clean interior design. The bank's colors of blue and green were tastefully incorporated throughout its walls, creating an inviting atmosphere for customers. The reception area was spacious with comfortable seating, and a welcoming staff member greeted us as we entered, introducing themselves and asking if there was anything they could help us with. However, the experience took a turn for the worse when it came to dealing with our mortgage application. Despite having met all of the requirements and providing extensive documentation, we were hit with an agonizingly long wait time for our loan approval. The constant uncertainty about whether or not our dream home would become a reality was overwhelming. It felt like each passing day brought us closer to disappointment, hopelessness, and despair. Despite this, I must commend the staff at TD Bank's Manassas branch for their exceptional service during this trying time. Their patience and understanding helped make the process slightly more bearable. They kept in touch with us regularly, updating us on our application status and offering reassurance when needed. Their commitment to customer satisfaction was evident in every interaction we had with them. In conclusion, TD Bank's Manassas branch is a testament to exceptional service and modern design. Although the delays in mortgage approval can be frustrating and leave you feeling hopeless and despairing, the staff at this location goes above and beyond to ensure that their customers are satisfied. My experience there will forever hold a special place in my heart as it taught me the true meaning of patience and resilience.

Wells Fargo Bank

8640 Centreville Rd, Manassas, VA 20110, United States

GPS : 38.7668093, -77.4563448

Users reviews of Wells Fargo Bank Manassas

Rating: 5/5 reviewed: 2023-11-04 by Blakely

As an IT specialist, I recently visited Wells Fargo Bank located at 8640 Centreville Rd, Manassas, VA 20110 to handle some banking transactions for one of our clients. The experience was quite positive overall. The bank's architecture is impressive, fitting seamlessly into the traditional and historic character of Manassas. Built in a contemporary design that complements its surroundings, the building features large glass windows allowing plenty of natural light inside. It also has a spacious drive-thru facility which makes banking more convenient for customers who prefer not to get out of their cars.
The staff at Wells Fargo Bank were courteous and professional. They took their time to explain all my options and guided me through the necessary processes, ensuring that everything was done correctly. It's also worth mentioning that they had a wide range of products and services available, catering to different needs of individual clients and businesses alike.
Manassas is known for its historic charm, with plenty of old buildings and structures scattered throughout the city. The location of Wells Fargo Bank at 8640 Centreville Rd is situated in an area that mirrors this historical ambiance. Surrounded by trees and with a beautiful park nearby, it provides visitors with a serene and peaceful environment to conduct their banking activities.
Overall, I was quite satisfied with my visit to Wells Fargo Bank at 8640 Centreville Rd, Manassas, VA 20110. The bank's architecture blends well with the surrounding area, providing a pleasant atmosphere for customers and staff alike. The professionalism of the staff and the range of services offered made my experience a positive one.

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